Monroe renames airport in honor of the late Cy Nunnally

The Monroe City Council voted Tuesday on a name change to the Monroe-Walton County Airport that will honor the late Jason Cyrus ‘Cy’ Nunnally who died last month after a single-engine airplane he was working on crashed at the airport.

Trying unsuccessfully to choke back the tears, Monroe City Attorney Paul Rosenthal, brother-in-law of the late Cy Nunnally, read the resolution renaming the airport The Cy Nunnally Memorial Airport.

Nunnally was the owner and operator of Fair Weather Flights, which served as the FBO at the Monroe-Walton County Airport. His contributions to the airport have been lauded and well documented.

“WHEREAS the City Administrator and Airport Manager have determined that a name change of the Airport will allow for a proper appreciation of the aviation accomplishments, achievements and steadfast advancement of the Monroe-Walton County Airport by Jason Cyrus “Cy Nunnally.”

Trying equally unsuccessfully to hold back the tears, Monroe Mayor John Howard called for a vote, which passed unanimously. The City Administrator was thereby directed to submit the Resolution to the FAA and GDOT for consideration and approval of the name change.

The family of the late Cy Nunnally were on hand for the reading of the Resolution.

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