Monroe reveals its Bicentennial Logo celebrating 200 years of history

Happy Birthday Monroe! Let the celebrations begin!

Monroe was founded as the county seat of the newly formed Walton County in 1818, but not incorporated as a town until Nov. 30, 1821. So this year is a big Bicentennial celebratory year for the city with events in the lead up to the official date already under way. These began in February when Northern Red Oak tree seedlings were given away in honor of Arbor Day 2021 – and the city’s Bicentennial Celebration.

Today, the city unveiled its official Bicentennial logo, noting that in November the city will officially celebrate the “200th birthday of the Greatest Small Town in America,” by honoring its past and future. An exercise is ongoing at the moment to work on a new city branding and that will be released later this year.

“Today, we release the Bicentennial logo for the City of Monroe celebrating our great city with a reflection on our past economic engine of the mill districts and our always evolving downtown corridor, to represent the celebration of our 200 years of history,” the city noted in a statement revealing the Bicentennial logo. “We look forward to sharing this historical event with our community, and will have shirts and apparel available throughout the year at our City-sponsored downtown events as we return to a life of normalcy.”

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