Monroe subdivisions back on the agenda for Tuesday’s City Council Meeting

Monroe officials say some development is out of their hands

The subject of two subdivisions with a total between them of 385 more homes upset many residents last week with calls on social media to the city council asking them to please deny the plat reviews. But it’s not that simple according to officials. They too have concerns about how the infrastructure will hold up, particularly on the River Point subdivision off Double Springs Church Road and Cedar Ridge Road that is platted for 310 homes, but their hands are tied since these properties were zoned and approved a couple of decades ago.

“The two subdivisions before Council for preliminary plat approval involve “legacy” property tracts.  Each contain “by-right” property use protections; essentially meaning that as long as the development and building structures conform to the R1 zoning ordinance parameters, the owner can develop and build without any additional special approvals from the Planning & Zoning Commission or City Council,” City administrator Logan Propes said. “The proposed 310 unit neighborhood off of Double Springs Church Rd and Cedar Ridge Road was annexed and rezoned exactly 20 years ago into R1 zoning. A lot has since changed and strengthened in our zoning ordinance to ensure better products for neighborhoods like this. In this particular case, staff will be working with the developer on some outstanding utility impact issues, traffic mitigation plans, and other considerations ahead of plat approval.”

Propses said the other plat review on the agenda, the proposed 75 unit neighborhood on McDaniel St. (Mt. Creek Estates), was rezoned about 15 years ago into R1 (Large Lot Residential District), the city’s least dense zoning classification. 

“There are several minor conditions on the plat that must be corrected or modified for approval as recommended from Planning & Code staff in order to meet the city’s current development regulations and zoning ordinances,” he said.

At the called meeting last week, officials said they hoped to be able to negotiate with the developer to possibly develop the subdivision in phases to allow for infrastructure to catch up, such as traffic mitigation and water and sewer issues.

These two items will be back on the agenda at the October 2021 City Council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021. Council members do have the option to table the items in order to negotiate with the developer to see how it can be worked out for the betterment of the city as well as the developer. However, since it was approved many years ago, the current Monroe City Council is no longer in a legal position to deny the development.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. tomorrow, Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2021 in Council Chambers at Monroe City Hall. The public is invited to attend. The full agenda follows.
1.      Invocation
2.      Roll Call
3.      Approval of Agenda
4.      Approval of Consent Agenda
a.      September 7, 2021 Council Minutes
b.      September 14, 2021 Council Minutes
c.       September 14, 2021 Executive Session Minutes
d.      September 28, 2021 Planning & Code Committee Minutes
e.       September 21, 2021 Planning Commission Minutes
f.        September 9, 2021 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes
g.      September 28, 2021 Historic Preservation Commission Minutes 
h.      Approval – HVAC Purchase and Installation – Paulson-Cheek Mechanical for a total cost of $15,800.00. (Recommended for Council approval by Public Safety Committee October 5, 2021)
1.      Proclamation – Domestic Violence Awareness Month
1.      Public Comments
1.      Preliminary Plat Review – Mountain Creek Estates
2.      Preliminary Plat Review – River Pointe
3.      1st Reading – GMEBS Amended and Restated Defined Benefit Retirement Plan Ordinance
4.      2nd Reading – Zoning Ordinance Code Text Amendment #11   
5.      Renewal – Health and Ancillary Insurance

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