Monroe to discuss Park Master Plan, potential millage rate increase at the Aug. 6 meeting

Both the City of Monroe and Walton County have parks on the Agenda Tuesday for the August Meetings. The City of Monroe has its monthly Called Council Meeting at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 6 at City Hall and one of the items on the agenda is a discussion on the City’ Master Plan for its parks. It is intended to help guide future park development within the city and to serve as a resource to help in sourcing grants and partnerships.

According to the guide, the plan is to keep it in line with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources object to have both active and passive parks that offer a variety of recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, jogging, biking, walking, etc. The plan includes the restoration of Coker Park that has been in disrepair in recent years. The potential restoration would include restoring the ball field, adding a playground, renovation of the pavilion, a fishing pond, a hiking trail and covered seating to watch the planes since it is adjacent to the Monroe Airport.

The Master Plan also has suggested, designs for the Down Town Green, including a splash pad.

The full agenda for the meeting follows. It includes a public hearing on a proposed millage rate hike. The millage rate will be voted on next week. The millage rate will be voted on next week.


1.      Finance

a.      Monthly Finance Report

2.      Airport

a.      Monthly Airport Report

b.      Airport Consulting and Engineering Services

3.      Public Works

a.      Monthly Solid Waste Report

b.      Emergency Purchase – Engine for Loader at Transfer Station

c.       Monthly Streets & Transportation Report

d.      On-Call Engineering – Keck & Wood

4.      Utilities

a.      Monthly Electric & Telecom Report

b.      Emergency Restoration Plan

c.       Purchase – Spring Street Relocation Poles

d.      Monthly Water, Sewer, Gas, & Stormwater Report

e.       2020 CDBG Grant Writing and Administration Services

f.        2020 CDBG Engineering Services

g.      Approval – Out of State Travel

5.      Public Safety 

a.      Monthly Fire Report

b.      Approval – Out of State Training

c.       Monthly Police Report

6.      Planning & Code

a.      Monthly Code Report

7.      Economic Development

a.      Monthly Economic Development Report

8.      Parks

a.      Monthly Parks Report

b.      Parks Master Plan


1.      HPC Demolition Appeal – 213 Boulevard

2.      HPC Relocation Appeal – 404 South Broad Street

3.      Application – Micro-Brewery and Micro-Distillery – The Southern Brewing Company   


1.      Public Hearing

a.      2019 Millage Rate   


  1. Real Estate Issue (s)

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