Monroe unanimously adopts the amended Animal Ordinance in accordance with Walton County’s Ordinance

Animals can no longer be left unattended while tethered

MONROE, GA (Jan. 11, 2023). At Tuesday’s Monroe City Council meeting, council members unanimously approved the first reading of an amendment to the city’s Animal Ordinance. This is in accordance with Walton County’s Animal Ordinance that was unanimously approved in November. The new ordinance effectively bans the tethering an unattended animals.

Monroe Mayor John Howard explained that Monroe had previously adopted a similar ordinance several years ago, but had to reverse it. Monroe had amended its animal ordinance to limit unsupervised tethering of pets in 2014, but for administrative purposes later amended it to be in line with Walton County’s ordinance. Howard said it was necessary to amend it now to comply with the Intergovernmental Agreement with the County.

Under section 10.19 (e) of the amended ordinance, the issue of tethering is addressed. A copy of the amended Animal Ordinance for Monroe can be found at this link under section (f) in New Business on the agenda.

It is now back to a more animal-friendly ordinance similar to what the city had tried to implement in 2014. Howard said if anybody sees an animal being abused or kept in conditions in violation of the ordinance, they need to contact Animal Control.

“But we ask that you also report it to our Police Department,” Howard said. “You do need to go ahead and contact Animal Control, but please also let our police know.”

End the Cycle of Georgia, a Loganville based animal advocate organization, has been petitioning Walton County as well as the City of Monroe for several years in hopes of getting the animal ordinances changed – most recently the Walton County Board of Commissioners in October, 2022, a month before the anti-tethering issue was implemented. They do, however, still have other issues they would like to have addressed, one being backyard breeding and another being to allow volunteers at Walton County Animal Control.

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