Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts distributes ArtMD healing kits to the community

Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts ArtMD Healing Art Kits are boxes volunteers pack up to give (for free!) to Piedmont-Walton Hospital, DFACS, local fire stations and other agencies who in turn give the kits to children in times of trauma, loss or illness.

Funded through donations and grants, the boxes contain original art journals, stuffed animals, crayons, stickers, Play- Doh, and when available, original angel paintings by local artists.

They have two separate kits that the center provides for free to local social services, hospitals and more. One kit is for kids and they have a separate kit for teens/adults. The goal of the kits is to provide moments of distraction and creativity in times of sickness or trauma. 

Here is a brief report, provided by the volunteer coordinator of the program, Debbie Criswell. 

January – June 2023
Current Recipients:

  • Piedmont Walton Hospital
  • Long Leaf Hospice
  • Uniting Hope 4 Children
  • Team Up Mentoring 
  • Pregnancy Resource Center
  • Path United
  • Monroe Police Department
  • Advantage Point Learning Center
  • Peace Place Women’s Shelter
  • Alcovy CASA 
  • A Child’s Voice

In addition, there are lots of individuals that request healing kits for private situations that arise.

Box Stuffing Events
The cents has had 4 events this year where volunteers assemble the kits. 

Healing Art Kits Distributed
In total, ArtMD has distributed approximately 500 healing kits to date in 2023!

From Monroe-Walton Center for the Arts:

We survey the staff at the hospitals and other locations that give the kits away and the responses are overwhelmingly positive. Nurses and other staff members report that the recipients of the kits are really happy and thankful to get them, and they provide moments of distraction and a little light during some dark times. 

You can volunteer or donate by clicking HERE

We so appreciate the sponsors for ArtMD:

  • Walton EMC Operation RoundUp
  • Walton County Healthcare Foundation 
  • Piedmont Hospital

We welcome inquiries from anyone interested in joining us in sponsoring this meaningful project. 

You can learn more about ArtMD and our other Healing Art initiatives HERE.

You can donate or your business can sponsor MWCA and the ArtMD project!  CLICK HERE to learn how you can help.

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