MPD Report: Man falls asleep at gas pump, vehicle repossessed with owner inside, mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 10 – 17, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Davis St. In reference to the complainant advising that she wanted her husband removed from the residence, due to him being intoxicated and threatening her. Parties separated. 

Suspicious Vehicle – N Broad St. Monroe Food Mart. Subjects on location occupied a black passenger car. Occupants were advised they could not park on location after business hours, all ok. 

Dispute – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Mental patient tried to leave the ambulance while at Piedmont. Mental patient was talked to and transported by private ambulance with no law enforcement interference. 

Damage to Property – Michael Cir. In ref to Complainant advising his tires were slashed by his girlfriends’ ex-boyfriend. Complainant did not want to press charges. Report taken. 

Suspicious vehicle/person – West Spring St., Nowell Rec Center. Ref to a male with a hoodie filming voter’s walking in. All ok, subject was a member of the press. 

Dispute – Sherwood Dr. In reference to the complainant reporting that her three sons were disputing. One was arrested for disorderly conduct and active warrants out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. He transported to the WCSO jail. 

Dispute – West Spring St., Piedmont Walton. The hospital called about a mental patient with an unsigned mental evaluation patient trying to leave. Patient was sitting in a chair upon officers’ arrival and all was ok. 

Dispute -Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview Mental Health. In reference to a released patient refusing to leave. Patient given ride to Applebee’s to wait for a ride. 

Harassment – G. W. Carver Dr. in reference to a subject needing a report requested by the management for the harassment by her neighbors. Report was completed. 

Threats – South Broad St., MPD. In reference to complainant receiving phone calls from an unknown male threatening her. Report taken. 

Welfare Check -on Church St. and Legion Fairgrounds. Report of subject wanting to commit suicide by cop. Subject had made statements to her father several hours earlier and was not on location or able to be found. 

Harassment – Fawnfield Dr. Complainant reported a subject harassing a family member. He was advised of the good behavior warrant process. 

Citizen flag down – West Spring St., Walmart. Customer flagged officer down ref to a b/m with a book bag looking in vehicles on foot towards Murphy USA. Area searched with negative contact. 

Firearms Discharge – East Spring St., Monroe Motor Inn,. Subjects on location advised all is ok. No evidence of any firearms discharged. All appears ok. 

Dispute – Davis St. In reference to complainant stating a female on location is refusing to leave. Complainant arguing with the landlord about past due rent. Advised both parties that the situation needed to be handled through Magistrate Court. Parties were separated. All ok. 

Animal Complaint – Us 78 at Hwy 138. In reference to a deer that was struck by a vehicle and is injured. Vehicle that struck the deer was gone when officers arrived. Negative contact with an injured deer in the roadway. 

Dispute – Pine Park St A. In reference to a subject on location causing a disturbance over keys. Key was returned back to the complainant and both parties were separated without incident. 

Dispute – Hwy 78. Walton Truck Stop. In reference to a dispute that occurred near Chestnut Cupboard. Complainant and her ex-boyfriend got into an argument that became physical. Warrant taken on the ex-boyfriend for battery. 

Dispute – E Church St. Chestnut Cupboard. In reference to a female on location who hit the complainant in the face. Complainant advised that he knew the female but refused to provide any further information except that the incident was on camera. 

Prowler Report – New Lacy St A. In reference to the complainant advising that they heard a bang against the wall, then tires screech. Officers patrolled the area. All ok. 

Unknown – W Spring St. Harry’s Marathon. In reference to the complainant advising a male has been at the pump for thirty minutes in a red Ford F150, unconscious. Male driver in the vehicle advised that he fell asleep and contacted his father to come and pick him up. 

Suspicious noise – Tall Oaks East in reference to a noise coming from the front door. Upon arrival, Officers found a cat at the door. 

Suspicious Vehicle – South Broad St/Atha St -Complainant was being followed by subject, dispute began at Harmony elementary school. Both parties were advised of remedies, situation mediated. 

Dispute – East Marable Street (Marable Manor): In reference to a patient causing a disturbance. Subject was transported to Piedmont Walton Hospital for a voluntary mental evaluation. 

Property Damage – South Broad Street at Washington St in reference to a tractor trailer hit the crosswalk signal. The tractor trailer was gone when officers arrived. DOT was notified. 

Burglary – Midland Ave: In reference to misplacing a purse with a wallet inside. Report made for documented purposes. 

Comments: First Christian Church asked for extra patrol because someone has been sleeping behind the church and having fires. 

Shoplifting – W. Spring St. in reference to a a subject stealing several items totaling $48.43. Report taken. 

Suspicious Vehicle – McDaniel St/Michael Etchison in reference to a vehicle involved in the previous accident coming back in GCIC as a stolen vehicle. The tag on the vehicle was on another vehicle that was stolen. Vehicle was not stolen. 

Juvenile Problem – Ford Street: In reference to a 3-year-old child being outside with no supervision. Contact was made with a subject who stated wasn’t her child, but all is okay. 

Child Custody Dispute – East Church Street in reference to the mother was refusing to give her child to the child’s uncle that had temporary custody from the father while he was out of town. The male subject was placed under arrest for a warrant. 

Agency Assist – Plantation Dr: In reference to Braselton PD trying to make contact with a subject before entering him on GCIC. Negative contact. 

Civil Issue – Tanglewood Drive in reference to complainants ‘phone being locked by ex-boyfriend. Remedies advised. 

Assault – Ridge Road; Walton Creative Learning in reference to Mothers infant daughter receiving injuries to her head at some time during the day. 

Traffic Offense -South Broad St at Southside Park: reference to a red ford explorer stopped for a non- functioning tag light. Further investigation led to the arrest of the female driver for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related objects, and driving on a suspended license. 

Dispute – Arcadia Ct in reference to a vehicle being repossessed. Subject was inside the vehicle at the time of incident. Taken to Piedmont Walton for treatment due to complaints of neck pain. 

Suspicious Vehicle -N Broad, Scoops In reference to a trunk of a vehicle left ajar. Attempted to contact owner, no contact made. Trunk was secured. 

Missing Person – Hwy 138; Great Oaks in reference to subject missing from Great Oaks; was found at the shops at Great Oaks, Turned over to EMS. 

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