MPD Report: Traffic stops result in drug arrests; slew of entering autos

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 30 to Aug. 3, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Traffic Stop – Booth Dr at Tyler St. Vehicle was stopped for broken tail light lens. Upon consent search and investigation the driver was taken into custody for OCGA. 40-8-23(e) Tail Light requirement, OCGA 40-5-20(a) Driving without a license, OCGA. 16-10-25 False name and DOB, OCGA. 16-13-32.2 Poss. of drug related objects used for schedule II. He also had an active warrant out of Gwinnett County, GA. Warrants taken. 

Theft Report – Bryant Rd. In reference to a laptop. Complainant canceled, due to laptop being located. 

Mental Subject – E Marable St. In reference to complainant stating that they smell gas and believes someone is trying to burn the residence down. Did not smell any gas coming from the residence and did not have any contact with any subjects outside the residence. All ok. 

Dispute – E Marable St. In reference to friend stealing $18. Complainant advised she has not taken her medication since yesterday and refused to go to the hospital to seek medical attention. This is the third time police have been out to the residence for a separate incident. 

Theft Report – M.L.K. JR Blvd. In reference to materials taken from a job site on East church Street. 

Suspicious Vehicle – E Church St. In reference to two motorcycles racing up and down the street. Area checked. Negative contact. 

Dispute – Roberts St. In reference to subject on location refusing to leave. Verbal argument between unrelated parties. All ok. 

Stolen Vehicle – Plaza Dr Apt B. Report taken. Walton County Sheriff’s Office located the vehicle on 07/26 at 2770 Hwy 11 and the vehicle was not listed in the system as stolen at that time, so it was listed as abandoned and is currently at Eastside Towing. 

Dispute – W Spring St. Pizza Hut. In reference to a friend who threw urine on complainant’s vehicle earlier this date. Complainant just wanted to know what they could do about the situation and stated that they got in an argument with their friend earlier. I advised the complainant on remedies, as well as going through a car wash to have the vehicle cleaned. No visible damage was done to the vehicle. 

Dispute – N Broad St. Deer Acres Inn In reference to boyfriend and girlfriend confrontation. No crime was committed, and remedies were given. 

Dispute – Bryant Rd. In reference to verbal altercation over living arrangements. Parties were separated without incident. Remedies were advised. Eviction process was also advised. All ok. 

Dispute – Oak Rdg. – In reference to a subject on location who was not wanted at the residence. Parties separated. Remedies given. All ok. 

Dispute – Nowell Street. – In reference to roommates having a dispute over rent money. Civil remedies given to parties and parties agreed to separate. 

Entering Auto – S Broad St. South on Broad. In reference to change and airsoft gun taken from vehicle. 

Suicide Threat – Baron Dr – Male subject on location advised that he wanted to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation. He was transported. All ok. 

Dispute – Knight St. In reference to complainant’s 14-year-old daughter running away from home after a domestic dispute. Juvenile was placed on GCIC and a juvenile complaint was done. 

Traffic Stop – N Broad St at Deer Acres. Vehicle was stopped for passenger side headlight out and tail light lens broken. Officer asked the driver to step out of the vehicle for a probable cause search. The driver was identified and then took off running on foot. After a brief foot chase that ended behind Graystone Church, the subject was taken into custody. After further investigation he had approximately 37 grams totaling approximately 1.32 ounces of methamphetamine. He is charged with OCGA 40-5-20 headlight requirement, OCGA 40-8-23 tail light requirement, 16- 10-24(a) obstruction of L.E, OCGA 16-13-32.2 Poss/Use of drug related objects (2 counts), OCGA 16-13- 31 Trafficking methamphetamine. Warrants taken. 

Prowler -in the area of Custom Way. Subject reported persons at 1225 Custom Way an hour before call. Homeowner wanted it reported to management and not police. 

Traffic stop – HW78EB and the Truck Stop. The subject was arrested for Driving Without License and tail light requirements. Released after fingerprinting. Vehicle impounded by Jay’s. 

Request to meet – North Broad St., Jay’s Wreaker. Ref to subject requesting to get impounded vehicle. He was advised vehicle owner and someone with a valid license needs to get car, all ok. 

Entering Auto – Ridge Rd.;. Chevy Impala entered overnight. Nothing stolen. Report taken. 

Entering auto) at 792 Ridge Rd.; in reference to complainants’ car being rummaged through and a cash app. card stolen. Card was frozen. Fingerprints were taken from vehicle. 

Extra Patrol) at 1204 East Church St., Church of God in reference to a male subject asking about services. Complainant asking for extra patrol due to subject having terrorist photos on his facebook. 

Request to meet – North Broad St., Jay’s Wrecker. Complainant back on location with vehicle owner this time. Vehicle released, all ok. 

Scam – Wheelhouse Ln. in reference to complainant being scammed out of $750.00 by a subject out of Morgan County on cash app. 

Runway juvenile – Plaza Dr. Juvenile was located hiding in closet, all ok.

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