MPD Report: Two people shot, armed robbery in three separate incidents in Monroe last week

Last week, a man was shot in the head on Perry Street and was transported to Piedmont Athens. The alleged shooter, a female, was later located and taken into custody. In another incident, a woman was hit in her shoulder area when shots were fired into a vehicle she was sitting in near Wheel House Lane. An apartment less that 500 ft away was also alleged hit by those gunshots with a bullet allegedly broking a window and traveling through the apartment hitting walls and resting between the shared wall of the neighboring apartment. In that case, warrants were taken on two alleged shooters.

In that same period, Monday, July 26, an armed robbery was reported at a business on E. Church Street when a man held the owner at knife point and stole her wallet. The wallet was later found in the vicinity of the business and a mask was located in the wood line and turned as evidence. 

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 22 – 29, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Gunshot – Perry St. in reference to a male shot in the head. Female GOA. CID arrived, Victim was transported to Piedmont Athens, suspect in custody located at Carver Place. Report was made 

Other Law – Bryant Rd. – Complainant advised they heard what they believed to be a gunshot come from inside Apartment. During the course of the investigation a named suspect was arrested for possession of meth. Christopher Solomon was taken into custody for a warrant out of Newton County. 

Theft Report – Nowell St. in reference to $100 dollars being stolen from complainant’s purse. Report taken. 

Theft – E 5th St. Patty Smith advised an unknown person stole her FISH application and emergency monitor. Report Taken 

Armed Robbery – E. Church St. – In reference to a b/m holding the owner at knife point and stealing her wallet. Wallet was located in vicinity of the business. Mask was located in the wood line and turned into evidence. 

Dispute – E Marable St at Marable Manor. In reference to a W/F and B/M verbally disputing over family issues. Both subjects were advised of remedies and sent on their way. 

Juvenile Complaint – S. Broad St.-. The trailer is being renovated. A pair of juveniles (11 & 7) wrote profanity on the floor in paint. Situation mediated between parents and property manager. 

Dispute – Little Caesars. In reference to a W/F upset and causing a disturbance over an employee scratching his head and then touching her pizza. The manger on location requested the female to be criminally trespassed from this location. The female was criminally trespassed. Report taken 

Theft Report – W. Creek Cir. Caller advised her son’s bike was stolen out of their yard. I was able to locate the bike from a neighboring yard. 

Damage to property – E Church in reference to a Pontiac stuck in flooded roadway. The Owner advised would contact next date in reference to making a report after she was able to look at the damages in the daylight. 

Shots Fired/GSW – Wheel House Ln. In reference to subjects shooting at a vehicle that was occupied. A B/F was shot in her left shoulder area while inside of the vehicle. CID responded. Report taken; warrants taken on both shooters. 

Damage to Property – Mill Creek Way. In reference to the earlier shots fired call, the caller found that his front window on his apartment had been shot. The bullet appeared to travel through the apartment hitting walls and resting between the shared wall of the neighboring apartment. CID notified. 

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