MPD Reports: 13 rounds fired on property damaging house and vehicles on location

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 10 – 17, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Traffic Offense – W Spring St – In reference to a 4-wheeler driving on roadway, 4-wheeler impounded and driver cited. 

Other Law – Magnolia Ter -Subject had questions about coming off someone’s bond. He was instructed to contact a bonding company. 

Shots Fired – Sporty Ln – Unknown Suspect fired 13 rounds into the residence. Multiple shell casings recovered and damage to residence and vehicle discovered. CID notified and scene processed. No injuries. 

Dispute – Bridgeport Ln – In reference to a dispute between two subjects. One subject was intoxicated and was given a ride to Deer Acres for the night. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Deer Acres – reference passenger car on location occupied one time. Occupant not a guest at motel. Sent on way. All ok 

Dispute – Plaza Trc – In reference to Subject on location and was not wanted there, subject agreed to leave and was sent on his way. 

Suspicious Person -Davis St – Reference a vehicle parked behind residence occupied by one male with a flashlight. Owner of vehicle advised dome light non-functioning. All ok 

Shoplifting – East Church Street in reference to a male subject stole 3 Pops and candy. The subject was gone upon Officer arrival. Report Taken 

Agency Assist – Nowell St -Assisted Walton County Sheriff’s Office with a male subject who matched the description of a suspect in a burglary case on June Ivey Rd, subject was released on scene without incident. 

Road Rage – West Spring Street: in reference to a silver Ford F-150 ran complainant off the roadway. Cancelled per complainant. 

Assault – North Broad Street @ Deer Acres Inn: In reference to the complainant claiming of being assaulted by a subject. Several attempts were made in making contact. Negative contact. 

Dispute – Meadow Walk Dr. In reference to an argument between three subjects. Parties separated and remedies given. Report made. 

Theft – Walton Rd: In reference to complainants’ extended ladder coming up missing. Report made

Fraud – Highland Ter. fraudulent activity on complainants’ bank account. Report taken. 

Dispute – South Broad Street: In reference to custody dispute between foster parents and mother of children. On-call DFACS notified and case turned over to them. 

Suspicious Person – N Broad Street (American Trilogy): In reference to a patron making the staff uncomfortable. Staff was advised to call 911 when the patron reenters the business. 

Hit and Run – Tanglewood Drive- In reference to a three-vehicle accident, subject returned to the location and was on scene upon law enforcement arrival. Report taken. 

Domestic Violence – Tanglewood Dr in reference assaulting victim with scissors. Victim sustained multiple small lacerations to her face and arms. Subject was gone when officers arrived and warrants taken. 

Dispute – Windsor Drive in reference to Complainant wanting her granddaughter’s ex-boyfriend off the property. Subject was gone when officers arrived. 

Suspicious Vehicle – 78 & 138. Vehicle failing to maintain lane. Vehicle entered the county. WCSO advised. 

Juvenile Complaint – Glen Iris Dr. Complainant stated juveniles on location drinking and fighting. Spoke with the homeowner. All okay. 

Damage to Property – Walker Drive in reference to juveniles throwing eggs at complainants’ vehicle. Juveniles would not answer the door and negative contact with their mother at this time. 

Subject with fire arm -Rose Ison Terr Playground: In reference to a black male with a hand gun in a back pack wearing flag on his head pajama bottoms gray jacket. Area check. Negative contact. 

Other Law – 10 Rose Ison Terr: In reference to complainant arriving home after Church and mom not home. A friend of the family took complainant to where her mother is. All okay. 

Mental Patient -Piedmont Walton -WCSO dropped off a mental patient who became combative, WCSO advised to contact MPD. Situation mediated. 

Dispute – Wall Street -Two subjects were in a physical dispute. one was arrested for Simple Battery (FV), the other was arrested for a violation of parole warrant. 

Assault – South Madison Ave: In reference to unknown juveniles attempting to fight with other juveniles on location. All ok. 

Assault – Norris St in reference to a 3-year-old was assaulted by his father in Barrow County. TOT Barrow County Sheriff’s Office. 

Firearm – Church Street/Young Street in reference to a teenager pointing a rifle at cars. Upon approaching the teen, he was sighting in his BB gun with his father and was not shooting towards Church Street. 

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