MPD Reports: $19,000 fraud; Vehicle reported stolen and son listed missing after he borrows the car and doesn’t return with it

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 24 – March 3, 2022. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Traffic Stop – South Hammond Dr – Driver was arrested for Driving on a suspended license. Report taken
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Unisia Drive (Walmart DC). In reference to a vehicle on location in the staging area blocking traffic for two days. Contact was made with the driver and advised will move.
  • Fraud Report – Blaine Street – Complainant stated he was defrauded out of $19,000. Report taken.
  • Civil Matter – Blaine Street (MPD). In reference to complainant stating that her son borrowed her vehicle on 02/20/2022, and has not returned it. She is unable to make contact with him via telephone. A BOLO was issued for the vehicle, and her son was placed on GCIC as a missing person.
  • Assault – West Spring St (Piedmont Walton) In reference to complainant getting into an alteration with her baby’s father. Complainant was refusing to answer other questions. Report made for documented purposes.
  • Juvenile Complaint – East Church Street. In reference to juveniles in the area riding dirt bike’s without helmets.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – East Church St, Jack Peters Store had a large gathering around it and vehicles parked behind the business. Made contact with one of the employees who did not answer any of my questions. Then made contact with another employee. He advised he wanted all the vehicles behind his business to be moved. Spoke with multiple subjects behind the store and advised them the property owner requested the vehicles to be moved. The subjects moved the vehicles from the parking lot without incident.
  • Dispute – King Street. Female subject requested a report for a physical altercation that took place with her boyfriend last date. Report was taken and added to original case number.
  • Traffic Offense – East Marable St & North Madison Ave. Subject arrested for driving without license. He was processed at MPD and released on copy.
  • DOC – W Creek Circle, Units responded to a possible domestic dispute. After investigating the incident the complainant did not reside at the property, she was asked to leave and refused to do so. The Homeowner then admitted to shoving the complainant out of the residence, in return the punched punched the homeowner. Both were in mutual combat, both parties were issued disorderly conduct citations and the complainant was criminal trespassed from the homeowners residence.
  • Civil Issue – Towler St in reference to a verbal argument between two parties. One of the parties agreed to leave, all ok.
  • Civil issue – West Marable St in reference to a subject on location high and starting an argument . Before officers arrived on scene he collected all of his belongings from the residence and left. He was criminal trespass from the location by request of the homeowner.
  • Suspicious Person – Area of Glen Iris Dr. Three juveniles walking in the roadway. All identified. All was determined to be ok
  • Suspicious Vehicle – East Church St & South Broad St, Hammock Park, two subjects in the park after hours, Park hours explained and sent subjects on their way.
  • Traffic Offense – East Church St & Bell St, Subject was stopped for a headlight and brake light violation. PC search due to odor of marijuana and subject stating he had marijuana. He was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug-related objects, and possession of schedule 1.
  • Disabled Vehicle – Highway 78 EB; E. Spring Street. Owner stated she would retrieve her vehicle this date. Vehicle out of roadway, all ok.

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