MPD Reports: 37-year-old checks to see if he could date a 16-year-old; slew of traffic stop arrests; domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Sept. 22 – 29, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Shoplifting – West Spring Street – Female subject was taken into custody for shoplifting $12.09 worth of merchandise.
  • Traffic Stop – Dairy Queen. Female subject arrested for trespassing warrant following traffic stop for equipment violation.
  • Dispute – North Broad/Tyler Street in reference to an altercation between two subjects. One was was checked by EMS because she fell from getting knocked over by one of the subjects fighting.
  • Dispute – Wheel House Lane; Verbal argument between a female subject and her niece regarding the spilling of water.
  • Dispute – Pine Park; – Complainant advised that a male was assaulting a female. Contact made with the complainant who advised the dispute was in a vehicle not the residence.
  • Traffic Stop -HWY 78 EB at Unisia Dr. Vehicle was stopped for speeding. After investigation, a male subject was taken into custody for Speeding and Driving W/ License Suspended. He was transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office Jail. Report taken
  • Other Law – W Spring St; Addiction Recovery: Female subject reported that a male attempted to break into her house with a screwdriver. She just wanted him to stay away. She was advised of Temporary Protection Order process and he was advised of situation. She was unsure of exact date incident took place but he admitted to attempting to break in.
  • Theft Report – MPD. Complainant reported her pistol taken from her vehicle, no serial numbers available. Report completed.
  • Other Law – Tanglewood Dr. A 37-year-old wanted to know if he could date a 16-year-old female.
  • Dispute – Walker Dr: in reference to a physical altercation between a male and female that happened 0300 this morning at the Monroe Motor INN.
  • Theft – East Spring Street in reference to a theft of a wallet.
  • Dispute – Victorias Nails: Dispute between two women regarding getting overpaid for nails. Situation was mediated. All was ok.
  • Scam – Amber Trl – In reference to the complainant sending money to a fake real estate rental owner. Report taken.
  • Animal Complaint – Blaine St. – In reference to the complainant’s neighbor’s dog running at her while she tried to get her mail. Remedies were given.
  • Suspicious Person – Mill St.- In reference to two juveniles with a bb gun. Area checked no contact.
  • Welfare Check – Southside Trailer Park The caller advised his wife was at this location and had threatened to kill herself via suicide note. Contact was made with the wife and a male subject. The male subject had an active warrant and was taken into custody.
  • Juvenile complaint – Pine Park – In reference to an unruly juvenile who wandered off. He returned home prior to officer’s arrival.
  • Traffic Stop – HWY 78 EB at Unisia Dr. Vehicle was stopped for speeding. After investigation, the driver was taken into custody for Speeding, Driving W/ License suspended, and a warrant out of Lawrenceville PD. He was transported to the WCSO jail without incident. Report taken
  • Loud Music – Fawnfield Dr. – Area checked, negative contact. L
  • oud Music – Fawnfield dr. – Music was turned down, all was okay
  • Dispute – W spring St – In reference to a dispute between two females. One was 10-13 and transported to Piedmont Walton in lieu of charges.

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