MPD Reports: 6th traffic stop for no tag results in arrest and vehicle towed; shoplifting; entering autos and more mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 5 – 12, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Juvenile Complaint – 4th St In reference to a 11-year-old refusing to go to school. Upon arrival, the juvenile was getting in the mother’s vehicle.
  • Traffic Stop – Waffle House W. spring St- In reference to a named subject driving his vehicle with no tag. He was stopped a total of six times for the same violation. He was warned last date that his vehicle would be towed for no registration if seen on the roadway again with no tag. He was asked to exit the vehicle multiple times before being forcibly removed. After a brief physical altercation the subject was taken into custody for obstruction amongst other violations. His vehicle was turned Taylor’s towing.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – S Broad St at Washington in reference to a vehicle failure to maintain lane. Subject blood sugar was low and EMT arrived on scene.
  • Loitering – S Madison Ave in reference to a male subject on the property asking customers for money and to buy him a beer. Subject was placed under arrest for criminal trespass.
  • Damage to Property – Complainant was stating that her ceiling had fallen on her head back on 12/06/2022. It was explained to her that it would be civil issue between her and landlord.
  • Civil Issue – Kendall Ct- In reference to a civil matter involving a male and female. The male was on location to pick up a washer and dryer and TV from the residence. Officer stood by while items were picked up.
  • Animal Complaint – Carwood Dr. – In reference to the complainant’s son being scratched by the neighbor’s dog. Turned over to Animal Control.
  • Suspicious Vehicle/Person – Launius Ave, subjects parked in a grass lot smoking marijuana. Subjects were instructed not to partake in criminal activity.
  • Missing Dog – Micheal Circle, black and white service poodle missing from the residence. Report taken
  • Traffic Stop – N Broad and Deer Acres, male subject was arrested for operating a motor vehicle on a suspended license; he was charged with habitual violator. Transported to WC Jail without incident.
  • Inmate transport – Clarke County Jail- In reference to Webster Mason having an failure to appear warrant out of the City of Monroe, he was transported from Clarke Co. to MPD where he was fingerprinted for his FTA warrant and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office without incident.
  • Dispute – New Lacy St; – In reference to a verbal dispute between the complainant and her boyfriend about him turning off the power. Situation mediated.
  • Suspicious Person – Birch St and E Marable, male wearing a dark hoody and blue jeans walking along Birch St. Contact was made due to time frame and the possibility of entering autos. The male was identified and he stated he was walking home. He has priors of entering autos In Spillman. Area was checked to ensure no vehicles were entered. The subject was highly cooperative during the encounter and was given a ride back to his residence.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Grace Monroe Church – Contact made with two females on location. The two advised they would leave, all okay on sight.
  • Suspicious Person – High School Ave and E Washington, male was observed walking along HS Ave wearing a hoody with a backpack. Contact was made due to the time frame and history of entering autos. The male was identified and highly cooperative during the encounter.
  • Citizen Assist) 743 Walton Rd. – Vehicle locked, unable to be unlocked due to heavy weather stripping on vehicle door. Advised complainant to call local tow company for unlock.
  • Extra patrol – GW Carver Driver. -Complainant requested extra patrol due to previous domestic disputes.
  • Traffic Stop – Pannell Rd/South Madison – In Reference to a reckless driver. The female driver was found to be DUI and in possession of narcotics.
  • Mental Patient – Piedmont Walton Hospital- Male subject walked away from ER on signed 1013 order. He was back in Hospital custody upon arrival.
  • Counterfeit – 215 South Broad Street: Counterfeit $50 confiscated by city hall employee, Person in possession denies knowledge and stated he received the bill from his father. The bill was placed into evidence, report made
  • Shoplifting – Pavilion Pkwy; Hibbett Sports- Older white male walked out of store with pair of shoes he did not pay for. Male was gone in a grey in color Mazda SUV. Report taken.
  • Shoplifting – W Spring St; Walmart- In reference to an employee on location stealing merchandise. She was released on citation.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Store House Court In reference to a 2014 silver Volkswagon Passat taken by a named subject subject.
  • Suspicious Person – MLK Jr. Blvd @ West Spring; In reference to a male in the roadway in an electric wheel chair. Male not located
  • Dispute – West Creek Circle; In reference to Grandmother disputing with grandson over him smoking 38D on her porch. Subjects were gone when officers arrived.
  • Damage to Property – Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd; In reference to a vehicle striking a stop sign in the parking lot. Report taken.
  • Entering Auto – Plaza Drive; In reference to one of the complainant’s vehicles being entered the previous night.
  • Traffic Stop/ Arrest – S Broad St at Walker St- Vehicle stopped for defective brake light. Subject arrested for Robbery Warrant out of Clarke County. He was taken to WCSO jail without incident.
  • Dispute – Springer Ln; In reference to complainant advising her daughter was punched in the face by her boyfriend, who was not on location. No signs of physical injury were observed. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Springer Ln; In reference to a female subject advising a named female and male subject prevented her from leaving her residence and calling 911. Both parties were separated and remedies were advised. Report taken
  • Subject in the woods in all dark clothing. Negative contact made.

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