MPD Reports: $8,500 fraudulently taken from account; woman threatens with box cutter; misuse of 911 over personal social media disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department is reporting the following incidents for the period June 23 – 30, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person – South Broad St in reference to people in the park after hours, they were sent on their way.
  • Firearms – Wheel Hours Ln in reference to several gunshots in the area, area checked, fireworks going off, all ok.
  • Firearms – Meadow View Dr in reference to several gunshots in the area, area checked all appeared ok.
  • Agency Assist – Hwy 78 & North Broad St in reference to helping Walton County Sheriff’s Office with a vehicle pursuit.
  • Dispute – Turner St. in reference to a verbal dispute between two people. One was criminal trespassed from this location, report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hammock Park in reference to two vehicles in the park after hours, all in attendance were advised of the park hours and sent on their way.
  • Loud Music – Reed St in reference to a large party playing music. Homeowner agreed to turn the music down.
  • Assault – Gliding Ln in reference to a woman being attacked by a male subject. He was seen traveling along S Hammond and stopped. He was identified by the victim and charged with battery.
  • Loud Music – Baron Dr in reference to a large gathering playing music loudly. No music was heard upon arrival and the subjects at the gathering were leaving.
  • Dispute – South Broad St – In reference to a female subject presenting and threatening to use a box cutter during a dispute over property. She was arrested for simple assault.
  • Dispute – Lacy St -Complainant called in reference to her mother damaging property prior to leaving the residence.
  • Found Property – Fire Station 1 in reference to wallet being located and turned in. No ID/identifying items in wallet.
  • Traffic Stop – HWY 78EB at HWY 11. Vehicle was stopped for moving violation. After investigation the driver was arrested for driving without a license, Poss. of SCH II, and drugs to be kept in original container. Warrants taken.
  • Suicide Threats – Towler Street. In reference to an anonymous complainant concerned about a subject in apartment. Contact made with the male subject. He was intoxicated but advised all was okay.
  • Dispute – Knight Street in reference to a dispute between neighbors over broken glass in the driveway. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Marable Ct in reference to loud motorcycles and music in the area, homeowner agreed to keep it down.
  • Dispute – Mobley Cir in reference to a woman wanting officers to kick a male subject out of their house. She was advised of the eviction process.
  • Fight -Peters St & Hill St, Responded to the area due to six subjects about to engage in a fight. During the investigation officers were flagged down about a male fighting with a female and stealing her car key. Such male subject was observed walking away from the scene. male refused multiple commands from the investigating officer, in doing so male was tased. Male was transported to WCSO for obstruction in which he also caused issues at the jail
  • Fraud – Amber Trl in reference to the complaint paying for a dog and not receiving said dog, canceled per the complaint.
  • Fraud – East Washington St in reference to an unknown person hacking the complainant’s Facebook account and using said account to sell dogs.
  • Loud Music – Marable Ct in reference to a white van playing loud music, occupants of the van were told to leave.
  • Dispute – Mobley Cir in reference to a woman locking a male of the house and changing his social media account password. This is the third call this evening regarding these two people. Both parties were advised of civil processes and misuse of 911.
  • Traffic Offense – North Hammond Dr & Blaine St in reference to a van that had a tag light out. Driver and passenger were arrested.
  • Mental Patient – S Broad St (Trading Place); Woman on location causing a disturbance.
  • Other Law – Ridge Road in reference to a woman who thinks her neighbor has a camera in the birdhouse facing her yard. All okay.
  • Warrant Attempt – Davis Street. Subject arrested for probation violations out of Monroe and Walton County.
  • Suspicious Person – Michael Etchison: Named subject walking around in the area. Area check done with negative contact.
  • Fraud – Breedlove Court – In reference to the complainant having $8500 fraudulently taken from her banking account.
  • Suspicious Person – GWA; Female walking around the property and in the hallways. She was arrested for loitering and transported to Piedmont Walton Hospital after her father could not be contacted.
  • Theft Report – W. 5th St; In reference to the complainant reporting someone stole her computer off her kitchen table.

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