MPD Reports: 9-year-old attacks 22-year-old sister and other domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft – Glenwood Dr. – Complainant reported that his girlfriend’s EBT card was possibly stolen by her sister. 
  • Dispute – Kelton Road – Complainant had a dispute with his former roommate who took a bike from his residence. The issue was resolved when the roommate gave the complainant his bike back.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Meadow Walk: In reference to Mothers’ daughter refusing to go to school. Made contact at the beginning of the subdivision. The mother got back into the vehicle and went back to the residence. The Juvenile Court process was explained to the mother. The situation was mediated.
  • Theft – Bridgeport Lane – In reference to the complainant having disability debit card stole. Unknown where and where.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr. in reference to complainant on location wanting a deposit back from years ago. The complainant was advised on how to handle the matter civilly.
  • Shoplifting – W. Spring St. – Walmart in reference to a white female subject miss-ringing item. Report taken.
  • Theft – N. Broad St. – In reference to the complainant having two catalytic converters taken from the bed of his truck.
  • Civil Issue – Tanglewood Dr.: In reference to a complainant who thinks his check was taken; who has mental issues. The complainant was advised of the necessary steps to take. Declined a report and left the area.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Hammond Dr. – In reference to a white Tahoe abandoned in a ditch in Hammond Park. The vehicle was stolen out of Loganville. Three subjects identified for questioning.
  • Other Law – Colquit St. – In reference to a citizen needing help into her house. Assisted citizen.
  • Entering Auto – Unisia Drive (Hitachi): In reference to the complainant having her vehicle broken into by a co-worker. report taken.
  • Dispute – S. Broad St. – In reference to parents of children who were dismissed by school upset and yelling at staff. Subjects were gone on arrival.
  • Missing Person – Walton Rd: In reference to complainant couldn’t locate her son. He was located safe and sound. Son was located over at a family member’s residence.
  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. – Bank of America in reference to a white male sitting near the ATM. Made contact with a subject who advised he was homeless and is trying to find somewhere to stay. The subject was asked to leave the bank and he did with no issues.
  • Dispute – Etten Dr. in reference to a 9-year-old attacking his 22-year-old sister. The mother was advised, the Police Department cannot do anything with a 9-year-old but she could as the mother.
  • Assault – E. Church St; Christopher Mcdavit-Berk was arrested and charged with simple battery after an incident between him and another mental health patient at this facility.
  • Dispute – Hubbard St. between two subjects. Both parties had physical marks but conflicting statements by all parties therefore primary aggressor not identified. One subject agreed to leave the home for the night. He was given a ride to a local hotel. Report made.
  • Suspicious person – E. Church St. in reference to a male subject yelling at customers. Officer met with the subject and escorted him to a residence off of Davis St.
  • Theft – No. Broad St. Complainant claimed that the subject stole $200 out of her wallet while she was at Peach State Credit Union ATM.
  • Juvenile problem — Tall Oaks W; In reference to a 16-year-old female being unruly and disrespectful. Situation mediated; parties separated.
  • Hit-and-Run – E. Fambrough St. in reference to a Nissan SUV collided into a Honda Accord and left the scene.

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