MPD Reports: Alleged attempt to pull a woman out of a car; woman pulls knife on another during argument

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 15 – 22, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Discharging firearm – Carver Pl. Ref to several shots being fired. Suspect wearing red jacket, black pants walking towards Suzzies. Suspect was located at Perry St. and searched for any weapons. None were located. 

Hit & Run – West Spring St., Walmart. Ref to a vehicle that was hit by a SWIFT truck. Accident happened 30 minutes prior and truck was gone when officers arrived, report taken. 

Follow up – Walton Circle. CID requested marked unit for follow up, all ok. 

Dispute – Ridge Rd Apt C. In reference to the complainant advising that a male made threats to assault her kids. Occurred earlier this date. Spoke to all parties, and no threats were made. Ongoing issue with the children. Advised of remedies. 

Harassment – Tall Oaks E. In reference to the complainant advising that a heavy set black male with unknown clothing description attempted to pull her out of her vehicle. Complainant advised the male was gone when officers arrived. Report taken. 

Dispute – Lakeview Dr. In reference to a TPO violation. Complainant advised she has an active TPO against her ex-fiancé. Complainant was advised of remedies. 

Dispute – King St Apt B. In reference to a subject on location, who is causing a disturbance. Complainant wanted subject to leave in reference to him being disrespectful. Parties separated. 

Damage to Property – Baron Dr, B. In reference to the complainant advising that his ex-girlfriend threw a glass cup through his back windshield, causing it to shatter. Complainant advised that the female is currently not on location. Complainant/Victim advised that his ex-girlfriend drove up in a black in color Volkswagen Passat, got out of the vehicle as he was going back inside his residence to grab his wallet, threw a glass cup through the back windshield of his vehicle. There were no witnesses to the incident. Complainant advised that he did not want to press charges against subject for the damage to his vehicle. 

Juvenile Complaint – Knight St. In reference to a 15-year-old on location who is the complainant’s son, attempting to leave after getting in trouble. Complainant advised that her son took vape pens, as well as video games and cash from his sister. Subject denied taking any items that belonged to his sister. Remedies were advised. 

Dispute – Green St. In reference to a subject on location who assaulted the complainant and had a knife. Complainant advised subject is wearing a black jacket and is now gone, running towards the “hole”. Complainant advised that she was also leaving the residence and requested police to cancel. Complainant advised that they were gone on foot and would not provide their direction of travel. Complainant/Victim Complainant was at the residence upon police arrival and she advised that her and subject had an argument about money. Complainant stated that she was in the kitchen with her back turned to subject and was hit in the neck with what she believed to be subject’s hand. Complainant did not have any signs of redness, marks, or bruising on the left side of her neck where she advised she was hit. She further stated that she and subject were the only two people inside the residence. Report made. 

Stolen Vehicle – South Broad Street at Monroe PD: Vehicle owner not on location. New owner advised that a signed title and bill of sale is needed. 

Damage to Property – East Spring St – in reference to the complainant believes Tire Depot damaged her lug nuts when they took them off. 

Suspicious Person – West Spring St / Hwy 138: In reference to subject from Metropolitan Ministries pan handling without a city permit. 

Dispute – Plaza Drive -Complainant disputing with neighbor over cigarette ashes. Remedies advised. 

Suspicious Person – Carwood Drive: In reference to a silver truck in the area taking pictures. Extra patrol requested by the complainant. 

Dispute – Reed Way In reference to complainant allowing her ex-boyfriend drive the vehicle. Complainant was given civil remedies. 

Dispute – New Lacy Street: in reference to two subjects in a dispute in which one female subject pulled a knife and threatened to stab the other female. 

Civil Matter – Complainant, advised he allowed subject to borrow his phone. Subject said it was a gift and wished to issue a criminal trespass warning. Warning issued. 

Mental patient – E. Fambrough. A woman had questions regarding helping a possible mental patient. 

EMS Assist – HWY 78 in reference to the male passed out in his vehicle at pump 7. Male subject was okay. 

Dispute – East Washington Street and South Lumpkin Street. Reference to complainant stating that subject threatened her daughter. Remedies advised. Report taken. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Highland Creek Subdivision in reference to a black in color Dodge sedan acting suspicious in the area. Area searched with negative contact. 

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