MPD Reports: Arrests on drug and US Marshal warrants following pursuit and crash; student arrested at school after leaving scene of crash

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 26 to Feb. 2, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Carver Place – In reference to a verbal dispute between a male and a female. Parties separated.
  • Theft report – W. Spring St. (Murphy’s USA)- In reference to a female subject dropping her debit card outside near the pumps and an unknown subject picking it up and proceeding to use it to pay for gas and then attempted to deposit approximately $300 into their Chime account. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Carver Place – In reference to the male and female from the complaint above having another verbal dispute. The male was criminally trespassed from the location.
  • Traffic Stop – E. Spring St./ S. Madison Ave- A female subject was stopped for a brake light violation. She had a warrant out of Jackson County, she was arrested and was transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office without issue.
  • Vehicle Pursuit – Hwy 138 and W Spring. Male subject fled from officers traveling into Walton County. He wrecked at the intersection of HD Atha Rd and Monroe Jersey Rd. He and the front seat female passenger were taken into custody. He had an active warrant from the US Marshalls. Both were charged with possession of multiple controlled substances with intent to distribute and the driver was charged with additional traffic related charges.
  • Dispute – Ash Lane: Male and female in a verbal argument over medication. Situation mediated; report taken.
  • Other law – White Oak Lane: Subject on location who was moving out. Complainant is a neighbor thought someone was breaking into the empty home. WCSO handled the report due to response time coming from vehicle pursuit.
  • Trespassing – Carver Place Officers responded a second time to the above location due to the male subject coming back on the property through the back door after receiving a criminal trespass warning earlier on shift. He was arrested and transported to WCSO.
  • Hit and Run – Plaza Dr. at Mayfield Dr. Subject left the roadway and struck a parked vehicle. The vehicle then went off an embankment. The driver called Taylor’s and wanted him not to call the police. The driver left the scene. Contact was made at a later time with the driver, he was issued citations.
  • Vehicle Accident/ Hit and Run – Charlotte Rowell Blvd and Double Springs Ch Rd Conn- Silver passenger car struck light in color pickup truck. Pickup truck was gone toward MAHS. Report in GEARS.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Monroe Area High School- In reference to vehicle from Call #1 being located in the student parking lot. Subject was arrested for Failure to Yield When Making a Left Turn and Leaving the Scene of an Accident. He was transported to Monroe Police Department and fingerprinted and released on copy of citation.
  • Dispute – Unisia Drive @ Hitachi; Hitachi female employee was being harassed and threatened by her child’s father in the Hitachi parking lot. Upon our arrival we took three witness statements. We then met the subject at MPD. He was arrested and transported to the Walton County Jail for stalking.
  • Theft Report – Blaine St. @ MPD- Complainant advising her husband’s financial transaction card has had fraud transactions. Complainant advised address was outside of jurisdiction, and she was referred to make the report with WCSO.
  • Damage to property – G.W. Carver Dr. – reference to a black Honda accord. Female subject was arrested for duty to report striking an unattended vehicle. She was released on a copy of a citation.
  • Damage to Property – Monroe Police Department- Female subject reporting damage caused to her vehicle in an accident that occurred on 01/18. Report taken.
  • Burglary – Gliding Lane Upon arrival complainant stated that a pair of shoes, salts, face creams and one dish were stolen from her house on Friday. The value of items was annotated and a report was taken.
  • House Alarm – Rosewood Lane; In reference to an interior motion alarm. Owner out of town. Owner was notified and requested a police perimeter check. All other doors and windows were locked as well. No signs of forced entry found.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Knight Street, Dispatched to a Juvenile complaint about a juvenile being bullied by his brother and cousin at school. Report was made, the father will follow up tomorrow with the School Resource Officer.
  • Mental subject – W Spring St; Piedmont Walton; In reference to a female subject being transported to Piedmont Walton by her caregiver and not wanting to exit the vehicle. She was persuaded to enter Piedmont-Walton to be evaluated.
  • Suspicious person – W Spring St; Walmart: In reference to family sitting outside Walmart asking customer’s for money. Contact was made and was asked to leave the area. Remedies were advised to family.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 138 at Great Oaks. Female driver was arrested for having a Disorderly Conduct warrant out of Jasper County. Vehicle towed by Taylors. Report taken.
  • Dispute non-violent – Creek View Dr: dispute between girlfriend and boyfriend, parties separated.
  • EMS ASSIST – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview Institute. In reference to a 14-year-old female ingesting her liquid deodorant. Turned over to EMS.

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