MPD Reports: Bullet shot through door of Ridge Road apartment

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period July 5 – 11, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – W. Spring St., Burger King. Employees were arguing. Rutledge subject was criminally Trespassed from the property. All ok. 
  • Dispute – Rose Ison Terr. Two 10-year-old siblings, situation resolved.
  • Suspicious vehicles – Cul-de-sac of Piedmont Pwy. Located during regular area check, 3 vehicles issued loitering/trespass warnings.
  • Prowler -Knight St. In reference to a subject with a flashlight walking outside of the residence, and repeatedly knocking on the door. Black passenger car parked out front with three flat tires. Subject gone on arrival.
  • Suicidal subject – Davis St. Subject in the street while it is raining advising he wanted to hurt himself and his family. Baker given ride to Piedmont Walton for voluntary mental exam.
  • Request to return – W. Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Ref to subject disputing with medical staff.
  • Unsecure primes – N. Broad St., Scoops. Located during foot patrol, Building cleared, unable to re-secure. Attempted two different key holders with negative contact.
  • Unsecure primes – S. Broad St., South on Broad restaurant. Located during foot patrol, Building cleared and re-secured.
  • Illegal Parking – Court St. In reference to 2 vehicles parked in the area designated for the Market. Vehicles were moved by the owners.
  • Meet with Officer – S. Broad S.t- MPD. In reference to making contact with complainant about filing a report about potential child abuse. The child’s father filed a report with Auburn PD. Complainant advised the abuse allegedly occurred in the City. Criminal Investigations Division was notified.
  • Meet With – S. Broad St.: In reference to vehicle with GA Tag parked to close to the complainant’s residence. Vehicle moved.
  • Damage to Property – Ridge Rd. – In reference to bullet hole through apartment door of complainant. Bullet and shell casing recovered and placed into evidence.
  • Unruly Juvenile – 6th Street. DFACS on location attempting to make contact with a 14-year-old  juvenile and parents. After further investigation it was determined that the adopted parents had no legal guardianship over the juvenile. The biological mother arrived on location and took the juvenile.
  • Dispute – Wheelhouse Ln. Complainant advised that a female and her two sons showed up at her residence making threats. She stated that she was in an accident with one of the sons and made a verbal agreement to pay for the repairs on the vehicle. Report taken.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 138 at Tractor Supply. Santierra Jennings arrested for taillight lenses and suspended license. She was fingerprinted and released on citations at the Monroe Police Department.
  • Vehicle Pursuit – W. Spring St. – Ofc. Casper stopped vehicle for GCIC return of stolen license plates. Vehicle fled the stop. Passenger detained near Jackson St. and W. Spring. Driver continued fleeing in vehicle and was taken into Custody on S. Broad St. Report Taken. Arrest Made and Warrants to be taken.
  • Traffic Accident – S. Broad S. at Fambrough St. Vehicle turned in front of patrol car. Turned over to GSP.
  • Dispute – S. Broad St. Between two subjects over eviction. Options Advised.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Mears St. – Complainant stated her 2000 Honda Civic was stolen from her residence sometime around 1300 hours. Vehicle was placed on GCIC, may possibly be located at S. Madison Aven., unable to follow up this evening due to prior incident.
  • Juvenile Issue – Cook St. In reference to subject having problems with neighborhood kids. Advised of options.
  • Prowler – Tanglewood Dr. Spoke with complainant in reference to juvenile out late at night. Advised of options. All ok.
  • Abandoned Car – McDaniel St. and Breedlove Dr. Impala left parked upon roadway. Towed by Jays for safe keeping.
  • Juvenile Complaint – E. Church St. in reference to complainant stating a black male juvenile comes to her residence and sprays something on her windows. All windows at the residence has condensation on them due to the outside temperature. Complainant believes the substance helps the juvenile see through the window better once it dries.
  • Follow Up – Mears St. Contact was made with complainants. Male complainant advised he saw a white male covered in tattoos jump out of a Ford Sport Trac truck and get into the vehicle. Female complainant advised she suspected her brother Jason Murphy. Contact was made with Murphy at S. Madison Ave. Murphy was taken into custody on a probation warrant. He was taken to Criminal Investigation Division for interview and later charged with Theft by Taking Motor Vehicle. Investigation is still pending due to more parties involved.
  • EMS Assist – S. Broad St. in reference to an intoxicated patient having difficulty breathing. Contact made with subject who refused medical treatment or transport.
  • Civil Matter – S. Madison Ave. – Walton County Sheriff’s Office in reference to complainant letting his girlfriend borrow his car and won’t return it. Complainant was explained the civil process again for obtaining the vehicle.

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