MPD Reports: Car theft, sexual assaults, disputes and mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Nov. 12 – 19, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Agency assist – Highway 138 and Great Oaks. Conyers PD on a traffic stop requesting a local marked unit. Driver had a warrant out of Rockdale Sheriff’s Office but a hold was refused due to COVID19, all ok. 

Threats – South Broad St., MPD. Ref to complainant receiving a threating text from her ex-boyfriend. Report taken. 

Prisoner transport – South Broad St., MPD. Transported prisoners from Walton County Sheriff’s Office to city court, all ok. 

Discharging firearms – Tanglewood Dr. Ref to the complainant hearing five gunshots. Area searched with negative contact. 

Warrant service – South Broad St., MPD. Court patron arrested for warrants out of WCSO and transported back to WCSO with the rest of court inmates. 

Suspicious vehicle – in the area of Pinecrest and McDaniel. Ref to persons driving riding lawnmowers up and down the sidewalks. Contact made with mower at John’s Supermarket. Subject warned about driving on sidewalks. 

Dispute -Michael Etchison Rd. Ref to a black male driver arguing with a white female passenger while traveling down the road. The male was seen hitting the female. Caller lost contact with the vehicle when they turned on to Michael Etchion Rd. Area was checked with negative contact. 

Illegal parking – Reed St. and Reed Way. Vehicle moved by owner, all ok. 

Sexual assault – West Spring St., Big Lots. Subject is homeless and a mental patient. ER staff advised they would not transport to another facility with a sexual assault nurse on staff due to mental state and lack of evidence. CID notified and did not respond for same reason. 

Dispute – West Spring St., Wendy’s. Verbal dispute between customer and employees over missing debit card. Customer was advised to leave the store and did so. Situation mediated. 

Dispute – North Broad St., Franks Stop N Shop. When officers arrived, subjects were gone in a vehicle towards Tanglewood. Area searched with negative contact. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Davis St at Pine Park St. In reference to several vehicles on location laying drag. Area checked, negative contact. 

Dispute – Bridgeport Ln. In reference to the complainant’s uncle and neighbor. Dispute between parties. Report taken. 

Dispute – W Creek Cir. Officer’s spoke with resident and he was not familiar with the subjects in question. Incident was called in third party by an anonymous caller. Caller gave the wrong address. 

Dispute – Green St at Perry St. In reference to two subjects getting in a verbal dispute. One subject claimed a physical altercation occurred during the verbal dispute. Complainant was advised of available remedies due to stories conflicting and complainant being heavily intoxicated. Due to insufficient probable cause, no arrest was made. Report taken 

Rape – E Spring St. Monroe Motor Inn. In reference to complainant stating she was raped. Subject was located at room. Complainant was heavily intoxicated, and while providing information to police, stated that she was not raped. Detective Holliday was notified and then canceled due to complainant stating she was never raped. Report taken. 

Stolen Vehicle – Hwy 78. Walton Truck Stop. 2015 black Chevy Equinox. Complainant advised his vehicle was stolen at the above location by two black females while he was inside the store. Vehicle was entered into GCIC as stolen. Report taken 

Suspicious Person – Reed Way. In reference to the complainant advising that there is a female in their front yard that has been attempting to contact her son. The complainant’s son was inviting the female on location. Female left without incident. All ok. 

Dispute – West Spring Street (Piedmont Walton) Subject was refusing to leave. Subject was escorted to the FISH on South Madison. 

Dispute – Heritage Trace: In reference to a subject having issues with his clothes missing. The caregiver supervisor advised that the matter will be taken care of in the next couple of weeks. Situation mediated. 

Found Property – S Broad St. Caller found a crossbow in the woods. I checked the crossbow for a serial number. It turned out to a children’s toy. 

Hit-N-Run – East Spring Street at Our Family Health Center: minor accident in parking lot. Driver declined report due to no damage. 

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