MPD Reports: Catalytic converters stolen off church vehicles

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 17 – 24, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Stolen vehicle – S. Broad St., MPD. The complainant did not have all the information. She was advised to re-contact the police when she had all the information needed. The vehicle was stolen from Conestoga. 
  • Damage to Property – S. Broad St., The Monroe Church. Reference to a subject cutting out a catalytic converter from one of the church vehicles in the parking lot during the night. Extra patrol requested.
  • Agency assist – S. Broad St., Advantage Behavioral Health. Ref to subject with a signed mental evaluation order wearing a pink shirt that left the building on foot. The subject was located and transported to Piedmont Walton for evaluation.
  • Search warrant – Bryant Rd. John Becknell arrested for theft by receiving, obstruction X2, interference with Govt. property. Maranda Floyd arrested for theft by receiving and possession of drug-related objects.
  • Damage to property – S. Broad St., MPD in reference to a vehicle hitting a pothole on E. Church St. Report taken.
  • DOA – Towler St. Subject cold to the touch. Turned over to Corner.
  • Escort – E. Spring St. – Monroe Motor Inn. FISH declining to provide a man with further nights. Hotel requesting him to leave. He is homeless and disabled. He was given a ride to the salvation army in Athens.
  • Follow Up – via phone in reference to earlier stolen vehicle call. The complainant was advised that she needed to meet with a Monroe Officer in the city limits and provide proof of ownership since the vehicle was not registered to her.
  • Dispute – E. Spring St., Spring Street Laundry in reference to subject disputing with staff over locking up her laundry. Laundry was left on location and locked for safety. Laundry was returned.
  • Follow up – S. Broad St., MPD. Ref to previous stolen vehicle call. Further info added to the report. The vehicle was not placed on GCIC due to further investigation needed.
  • Dispute – Knight St. in reference to complainant stating children were tossing rocks over her fence at
  • Robbery – Chestnut Cupboard. Complainant advised a black male took $1.00 from him. Advised the subject appeared intoxicated
  • Dispute – Matthews Park – Complainant saw two people in a verbal argument outside of a vehicle. The vehicle was gone on arrival.
  • Found Property – Dunkin Doughnuts – Subject reported finding two debit cards on the ground. Cards turned into evidence.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr. – Subject had a Temporary Protection Order yet to be served on him but left prior to officers’ arrival.
  • Follow Up – Plaza Dr. in reference to assisting Walton County serve a civil paper. The TPO was served to the subject and all ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Green St.- Vehicle parked at this address and occupants fled before the officer conducted a traffic stop. The vehicle was towed to Taylor’s Wrecker Service at the owner’s request.
  • Dispute – Stokes St – Subject was arrested for simple battery after a physical altercation with a female subject at this location.
  • Other Law – South Broad Street. Caller stated they had received a call an hour prior stating someone was on location taking items. The caller advised nobody should be on location. The residence was cleared and nobody was on location.
  • Theft – S. Broad St. – The Monroe Church in reference to complainant finding two church vehicles with cut out catalytic converters that happened overnight around 02:00.
  • Agency Assist – S. Broad St., Southside MHP in reference to assisting Animal Control with issuing citations. All was okay.
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave. The complainant stated that her boyfriend, who lives with her, struck her in the face and threw an unknown object at her back leaving a scratch on her upper back area.
  • Damage to property – S. Broad St., MPD. Complainant advised officers were at her residence on 19 Oct 2019 and determined the damage was due to a window. Complainant advised contractors at the residence today advised it was not weather and requested a report due to recent burglaries/entering autos and thefts in the area.

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