MPD Reports: Child molestation/sexual battery suspect arrested in felony traffic stop after vehicle registers on city FLOCK camera

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 23 – 30, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Burglary Report – W. Spring St: Cartech Automotive Forced entry was made through office door and the suspect(s) took about $200.00 in cash out of money drawer from business, they went through a Ford F- 150 that was in the parking lot there for service, Turned over to CID.
  • Follow-Up – MPD – In reference to a female subject wanting to report that she now had a bruise from a domestic dispute that occurred a week prior. She also wanted to report that her computer was stolen, along with her food stamps and debit card. A supplemental report was added to the original case.
  • Other Law – Plaza Trace – Call came in as domestic dispute; no domestic dispute had taken place a mother of two children was disciplining her children that was spitting on one another.
  • Suspicious Subjects – Downtown Officer observed a male subject and a female subject downtown. The male subject was trying to squeeze between two buildings. I made contact with them and they were playing hide and go seek. Three of the subjects were identified and advised to play hide and seek elsewhere.
  • Disabled Vehicle – E. Marable St.- In reference to a vehicle parked in the road with its hazard lights on, passenger advised all was okay they were just waiting on the driver to return from inside the residence. Vehicle was moved.
  • Suspicious Person – 3rd St. – In reference to a female walking up to the complainant’s house and asking for help with a vehicle stuck in mud. Contact made with the female. The vehicle was on private property, and she advised she already called a tow truck.
  • Verbal Dispute – Rosewood Ln- In reference to a verbal dispute between a couple. The male was gone when officers arrived. Remedies advised.
  • Dispute – North Broad St @ Deer Acres; In reference to two subjects possibly disputing in room. Contact was made with the complainant. No signs of an altercation. Complainant informed of possible fraud outside of city limits. Report taken.
  • MPD; Complainant came to report a stolen firearm. Report taken. GCIC entry made.
  • Dispute – Hwy 78 @ Walton Truck stop; In reference to two males disputing on truck repossession. Civil Issue resolved through mediation.
  • Suspicious Person – East Church St @Monroe Church of God; In reference to a female subject on location sleeping behind the church. She requested a mental health evaluation and was transported to Advantage per her request.
  • Illegal trash dumping) 690 West Spring Street – Reference Male dumping trash on location without permission, owner did not want to press charges. Made contact with suspect via 10-21 and advised him not to return per request of owner.
  • EMS Assist – Garden Ct: In reference to a male subject being found deceased on location. CID notified. Scene turned over to the Coroner.
  • Dispute – South Broad St In reference to a woman on location upset over being served divorce papers from her husband. Civil issue, No crime.
  • Dispute – Heritage Ridge Drive; In reference to a male subject having a talk with his girlfriend about separating. Her 17-year-old son overheard the discussion and became upset. Parties Separated, no crime.
  • Follow Up/ Fight – Carwood Drive; In reference to parties from earlier vehicle accident on location fighting and causing a disturbance. Parties cited for Disorderly Conduct and criminally trespassed from one another’s properties.
  • Dispute – W 5th St. In reference between the complainant and his son arguing over medication pills that were discovered missing. Situation resolved, parties were separated
  • Juvenile Complaint – Mobley Circle in reference to juveniles on complainant’s porch. Juveniles advised to stay off people’s property. All ok.
  • Suspicious Person – Alcovy Street and Breedlove. In reference to two subjects walking down the road. Both subjects advised they were walking to Walker Drive. The surrounding area was checked for possible entering autos with negative signs.
  • EMS Assist – Mountain View Dr: In reference to EMS advising elderly male was sitting next to his bed unable to stand. EMS advised the subject refused medical assistance and did not want them on location.
  • Wanted Person – West Spring Street @ Piedmont Walton; In reference to a male subject wanting to turn himself in on a Violation Of Probation warrant. He was transported to WCSO without incident
  • Other Law – Pavilion Pkwy- Civil Matter of Complainant calling to report that his contractor will not complete the job he was paid for. Report taken.
  • 10-37V – W Spring St, Dollar Tree- Complainant stated that a blue SUV tailgated her from the Bojangles on North Broad Street all the way to Ihop on West Broad Street after she blew her horn at him. Contact lost at Ihop. No further action taken.
  • Theft – Blaine St @ MPD; In reference to the complainant’s storage building on Plaza Dr. She advised numerous misc. items were taken from her unit. Report taken.
  • Damaged Property – Blaine Street @ MPD; In reference to a previously reported vehicle accident.
  • Threats – N Broad St; Deer Acres Inn: In reference to the complainant advising her daughter and son in law were making threats to kill her. She could provide no evidence or witness’s to support her claim. She was advised of the Temporary Protection Order process and remedies were advised. Report taken.
  • Mental call – Magnolia Terrace. In reference to a subject who is autistic was having a mental episode. Turned over to EMS to be transported to Piedmont-Walton.
  • Traffic Stop – S Lumpkin St at Davis St. Male subject was issued citations for driving with suspended registration and no valid insurance. Vehicle towed by Taylors, report taken.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 78WB at Hwy 138. Felony traffic stop conducted on a white in color passenger car occupied by a named male subject after the vehicle flock hit was sent out to Shift. He was arrested for active child molestation warrants and sexual battery.

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