MPD Reports: Cyclist hit by vehicle, pedestrian hit by vehicle and report of bullet hole in vehicle

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct6. 22 – 29, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Person – Maple Way. In reference to a male knocking on the complainant’s door, refusing to leave. Complainant advised the male’s name and contact was made with him. He was advised to stay away from Maple Way. Report requested. 

Unknown Law – Harris St. In reference to the complainant advising that subjects are about to shoot someone, but have not heard any shots. Officers checked the area for an extended period. Negative contact. 

Entering Auto – Ridge Rd. In reference to $80 missing. Complainant was uncooperative while Officer was gathering information. The complainant then got into their vehicle and drove away. No report requested. 

Fire Assist – Baron Drive a subject was burning behind his residence 6th Street. He was placed under arrest for a Probation Violation warrant. 

Juvenile Complaint – complainant advised that her granddaughter was not getting ready for school and would not get on the bus. The juvenile did ultimately get on the bus when it arrived. 

Damage To Property – Cook Place: In reference to a bullet hole in the side of the complainant’s vehicle. Report taken. Four were arrested for aggravated assault. 

Juvenile Complaint – Knight Street Subject was arguing with her mother and ran away. Subject was last seen wearing a grey jacket, pink shirt and black leggings. Subject was placed on GCIC as a runaway juvenile. 

Lost Item – Norris Street in reference to a lost license plate. 

Assault – West Spring Subject was at the hospital because suspect hit her with her vehicle on 10/25/20 at around 0300 hours. 

Follow up -Knight Street in reference to subject came back home. Subject was taken off GCIC and her Probation Officer and Juvenile courts were notified. 

Other Law – West Spring Street (Piedmont Walton Hospital): in reference to a patient coming from Ridgeview with bruising on her arms and legs. Report Made. 

Damage to property – South Hammond Drive in reference to complainant wanting to notify the Police when she was pulling out of Georgia Ave she accidently hit a black male subject riding a bike back tire. The subject threw his bike down and ran towards her. She was scared and went to the above address and called 911. The male subject left the scene. 

Agency Assist – Double Spring Church Road (MAHS). Handled by SRO.
Threats – Knight Street – In reference to someone sending threating text messages. Report taken 

Missing Persons – Colquitt Street Complainant stating he has not been able to get in contact with his wife and their two children. 

Traffic Stop – South Wayne Street and McDaniel Street. Reference to a white Jeep Grand Cherokee for non-functioning Brake lights. Further investigation led to the arrest of a subject for Possession of Cocaine. Possession Drug Related Objects. Obstruction (misd.) He was turned over to Joint Ops for further Investigation. 

Accident w/ Pedestrian -East Marable Street and Gatewood Drive – In reference to subject being hit by a vehicle; vehicle was gone when officer arrived 

Dispute – Ridge Road. Subject on location, intoxicated, and disputing with other residents. Parties separated for the evening. 

Dispute – Lacy Street. Complainant stating that subject had been on location and would not leave. Ongoing issues between two subjects. Subject was gone when officer arrived. The complainant was advised of the Temporary Protection Order process. Report taken. 

Suspicious Person – Hammock Park. Subject on location listening to music. He was sent on his way. Advised of Park Hours 

Traffic Stop – Perry Street and Launius Avenue. Gold Honda Civic stopped for several violations. Further investigation led to the arrest of a subject for arrest warrants out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. He also was charged with Fleeing or attempting to elude. 

Business Alarm – South Broad St -All doors and windows appeared secure, while on scene units heard what sounded like an unknown subject jumping a chain link fence. An extensive area check was conducted with negative contact. 

Dispute – South Broad Street In reference to a brother and sister arguing. All okay. 

Suspicious Person – Storybook -Employee stated a black male juvenile approached her asking for food or money. Negative contact with the juvenile. Employee was advised of the on-going issues with this juvenile. 

Dispute/Juvenile Complaint – Subject got into a physical altercation with her mother. Juvenile was placed under arrest and transported to Walton County Juvenile Courts. Juvenile was sentence to 7 days in RYDC. 

Traffic Stop/Arrest – South Broad St – A female subject was stopped for display of license plate violation, and arrested for violation of probation out of Snellville Police Department. 

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