MPD Reports: Disputes; fraud; disruptive subjects and mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 20 – 27, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute/Civil Matter – Sorrells St – In reference to a civil dispute over property. All parties were advised of remedies. All ok.
  • Fraud – Booth Dr; – In reference to complainant stating a subject threatening to sell he and her sons social security numbers along with other information. Subject had threatened her over text message. Report taken; remedies advised.
  • Juvenile Problem – Radford St at E 5th St. Juveniles walking in the area damaging property. Property damage to stop signs was discovered. Juvenile complaint forms were issued and parents were contacted.
  • EMS Assist – W Spring St; Arbys – Complainant called in reference to feeling dizzy. She had previously been provided a bus ticket by Walton County Sheriff’s Office but did not get on the bus. She was discharged from Piedmont earlier and said she just wanted a place to sleep. She was given a courtesy ride to Monroe Motor Inn.
  • Dispute – W Creek Cir – Ongoing dispute history at a named address. The male subject was taken into custody for Obstruction, Public intoxication, and illegal parking. He was transported to Piedmont Walton, per EMS, and while receiving treatment, he became combative and then refused treatment. He was then transported to WCSO and turned over to jail staff. Use of Force completed.
  • EMS Assist – E Spring St; Monroe Motor Inn – Complainant called a second time saying she was dizzy and did not feel good. Complainant had been cleared by EMS earlier and was cleared by a second EMS unit at Monroe Motor Inn. Complainant was told if she did not have money for a room she would need to leave the private property. She left without incident.
  • Mental Person/Warrant – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview – In reference to subject; having a signed 1013, leaving the facility on foot, while being dropped off by Metro Atlanta Medical Transport. Subject was located in the Retreat at Mill Creek neighborhood and taken back to Ridgeview. The facility refused him; stating the 1013 was not properly filled out by Well-Star Kennesaw. Subject was showing to have an active warrant out of Dekalb for simple assault. The warrant was confirmed, and due to the facility refusing him, he was transported to the Walton Co. Jail and TOT the jail staff, without incident.
  • Dispute – 3rd St – Repo company attempting to take vehicle from complainant. Civil issue, options were advised.
  • Entering Auto – Rose Ison Ter – In reference to a gray Dodge Dart entered overnight. Report taken. Sent to CID.
  • Damage to property – S. Madison Ave; Felker Park- In reference to an unknown subject gaining access to the workshop bathroom and damaging the drywall, report taken.
  • Illegal Parking – W Spring St; Piedmont Walton – In reference to a vehicle parked in a handicap parking space. The vehicle displayed a proper handicap parking tag.
  • Mental Patient/Arrest – Breedlove Dr- Patient taken into custody for damaging property and assaulting staff. He was turned over to WCSO without incident.
  • Suspicious Person – N Madison Ave; Little Oaks Preschool – In reference to a suspicious white male approaching multiple families as they entered the school. Negative contact in the area.
  • DOA – Walton Truck Stop- WCSO deputy called in reference to a possible DOA, EMS arrived on scene and confirmed the subject was DOA. Scene was turned over to CID.
  • Suspicious Person – Tall Oak Ln- Reference to a teenage male arguing with another male on Tall Oak Ln. The teenage male threatened to get a gun and kill another person, before leaving on foot towards young pine.
  • Threats Report – Blaine St.; MPD – In reference to complainant reporting online threats made to her grandson via PS5 chat room. Report taken.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest -E Marble St/Hot Spot- Traffic stop conducted for a seatbelt violation. It was discovered that the driver was driving without a valid license. He was placed under arrest, transported to MPD and released on citation.

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