MPD Reports: Disrespectful juveniles and slew of domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 8 – 15, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Hickory Drive. Caller advised to send the police and hung up. Dispatch was unable to get anyone back on the phone. Upon officer arrival, contact was made with the homeowner. Homeowner advised that all was ok, and it was her niece and her daughter on location arguing. The two subjects left prior to police arrival. Contact was made with the daughter of homeowner to make sure all was ok. 

Dispute – Baker St. Reference to a subject and a subject involved in a physical dispute at New Lacey Street. He was arrested and charged with Battery / Family Violence. 

Dispute – Ridge Rd to juveniles throwing a basketball up against complainants outside wall and being disrespectful. Spoke with the juvenile and his grandmother and advised him to stay away from neighbors apt to prevent future incident. 

Dispute – New PD. Dispute between subject and his parents over his continued drug use. No crime was committed. Subject was sent on his way and parents were advised of remedies. 

Traffic Offense – Hwy 78 E.B. & Hanger Clinic. A subject was stopped for a tag violation. Upon identification, he was found to have a valid warrant with ACCPD for violation of probation. Arrest report made. 

911 Open Line – North Broad St – J&B Food Mart – two male subjects attempting to sell outside items to the clerk and steal lottery tickets from behind the counter. Report made. 

Carjacking – Baker St. Complainant stated a white male entered her vehicle and forced her at gunpoint to drive to WalMart

Dispute -Spring Street Waffle House. Complainant wanting to make a report for a domestic dispute at Wellington Dr. between her and her husband. The husband was arrested for FV charges. 

Warrant – Meadowbrook Dr. The subject was arrested for carjacking, aggravated assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. 

Illegal Parking – W. Spring Street at Walmart. SUV with a trailer was parked across two handicap spots. Driver was spoken to and released with a warning. 

Traffic Stop – E. Spring Street; Sunshine Cleaners. Two men arrested for valid warrants and transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office after a traffic stop. 

Unknown Problem – Stokes Street a female picking up the phone and sounding distressed. It was found to be in the pocket of a juvenile, all ok. 

Dispute – W. Marable St. Two parties were having an argument. One was arrested on unrelated charges. 

Dispute – Baker St. Two parties involved in a physical dispute at New Lacey Street. One arrested and charged with Battery / Family Violence 

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