MPD Reports: Domestic disputes over shrimp, keys and taking out the trash

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 14 – 22, 2018. Due to the length, this report has been split into four parts. This is the first part. Please note and arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Entering Auto, Hwy 78, the complainant advised that his Taurus Millennium .45 semi-auto is missing from his vehicle. The complainant could not provide a serial number. Report taken.
  • Meet With, Knight St., the complainant said someone is coming in his house when he’s asleep while the doors are locked with deadbolts and taking items from his residence.  The complainant said his neighbor told him telepathically the same thing was happening to her.  Advised complainant of remedies.
  • Dispute, S. Broad St., the complainant was disputing over braids. She was advised to leave and not return.
  • Dispute, Birch St., Subjects arguing over car keys.  The second party was gone when officers arrived prior to arrival.  Keys had been returned.
  • Mental Health, Tanglewood Dr., complainant advised people were trying to kill him including his dad.  It was apparent complainant was having a mental episode.  The family arrived and requested complainant be checked.  It was explained to them that Officers could not do this without orders.  Officers assisted with getting in touch with behavioral health and they advised they would have someone en-route.
  • Meet with Officer, Ridgeview, father was upset because he was trying to have his son discharged. Ridgeview would not inform the father of anything and was not returning his calls. Father was advised of the mental eval order and advised it may take a few days.
  • Juvenile Complaint, Bridgeport Lane, reference to a 14-year-old juvenile not listening to his mother. Situation mediated.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Walker Dr., reference to shots being heard. Spoke with surrounding residence who stated they heard no shots fired. Nothing further.
  • Assist Agency, Tanglewood Dr., reference to Behavioral Health doing a mental order on a male subject. The subject was transported to Piedmont Walton on a signed mental order without incident.
  • Dispute, Roosevelt St., the complainant was in a verbal dispute with her husband. Husband was gone when officers.  Husband did not want to give any information about what the argument was about.  Report Taken
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Hwy 78 West/Unisia Dr., reference to a yellow passenger car failing to maintain lane.  Officer had negative contact with the vehicle.
  • Warrant Service, Arcadia Court, Daqwaun Wyatt was arrested on probation violation warrants. A consent search of the residence completed yielded a small amount of Marijuana.
  • Disturbing the Peace, Reed Way, Anonymous complainant stated there was a party at this residence. Contact made with the homeowner and advised them of the noise ordinance. Situation mediated.
  • Meet with Officer, Wheel House Ln., reference to complainant wanting her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend to give her the keys to her vehicle. She did not have the keys.
  • Dispute, East Fambrough, reference to a female advising she was in a dispute then hanging up. Officers had negative contact with anyone on location
  • Meet with Officer, Tall Oaks Lane, complainant called due to being a Lyft driver and two females leaving their phones in his vehicle.  He wanted an Officer to stand by while they gathered their phones.  All ok
  • Welfare Check, Highway 11, entering the city limits: White dodge charger with female subject complaining of difficulty breathing. Checked the area with negative contact.
  • Agency Assist, Country Club Dr., DFACS received reports of physical abuse allegations from the step-dad towards his 12 yo step-daughter.  12 yo said she has seen stepdad/stepdaughter porn on his cell phone.  Advised CID. Report Taken.
  • Domestic Dispute, Walker Dr., Complainant advised that Mr. Barrett was throwing things. Mr. Barrett was arrested. Report Taken
  • Domestic Dispute, Nowell St., William Heard and Daughter (20 YOA) were arguing over shrimp. William struck daughter with a belt on her shoulder blade. William was arrested for Family Violence charges.
  • Domestic Dispute, Bridgeport Place, met with the complainant. She stated that her son moved her boyfriend’s stuff out of the residence. Report Taken.
  • Demented Person, East Spring St., the complainant was no longer on her medication and wished to be taken to the hospital.  EMS was notified.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., a female subject on location panhandling. She was advised to stop and leave the location.
  • Dispute, Ash Ln., reference to male and female subjects disputing. The male subject was gone when officers arrived and female declined to file a report.
  • Area Check, Boys and Girls Club, an anonymous complainant stated several teenage subjects were looking into vehicles and attempting to open car doors. A conducted extensive area check with negative contact.
  • Dispute, Plaza Dr., reference to son being upset and knocking things over because he was asked to take out the trash. His mother wanted an Officer to talk with him about his anger. Report taken.
  • Wanted Person, Gatewood Way, caller advised Quinton Smith was on location.  Mr. Smith did have an active warrant out of the county.  Officers made contact with Mr. Smith and took him into custody.  While taking him into custody it was determined a domestic dispute had also taken place.  During the investigation, it was found that Sheneka Brown did commit the offense of Simple Battery.  She was taken into custody as well.
  • Civil Issue, Gliding Lane, reference to a female subject overstaying her welcome. She collected her things and went to a neighbor’s house.
  • Dispute, Alcovy St., an anonymous complainant stated a group of teenagers was arguing. Contact made with a group of adult subjects talking loudly. All okay.
  • Civil Dispute, West Washington St., complainant advised that his father evicted them out. The complainant was explained the civil process.
  • DOA, Sorrells St., male found dead on the couch.  The coroner arrived to transport body.  CID notified.  Appeared to be of natural causes.
  • Unknown, Bridgeport Place, complainant stated her father struck her several times with a kitchen broom on her back. The 16-year-old was transported to her Grandmother’s on West 5th Street. Report Taken.

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