MPD Reports: Domestic disputes, roommates disputing, stolen vehicles and hit and run

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 4 – 11, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Firearms – W. 5th St. Area checked, negative contact. All appeared ok. 
  • Dispute – Glenwood Dr. In reference to complainant and her roommate disputing over living arrangements. Options were advised, all appeared ok
  • Dispute – N. Broad St. Golden Pantry In reference to complainant and her boyfriend disputing over property. Options were advised.
  • Loud Music – Baron Dr. & Eagles Tr. – A resident at Sporty Ln. was advised to turn the music down.
  • Follow Up – Glenwood Dr. – Homeowner was advised about the eviction process like his roommates were when officers were out with them earlier.
  • Traffic Stop – N. Broad St. & Golden Pantry. Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling on the roadway with a driver side headlight out. Upon investigation driver and a passenger were both cited for City ordinance 62-3 Possession of marijuana. Report taken.
  • Prowler – N. View Dr. Subject reported someone banging on fence in backyard. Area checked, negative contact. All ok.
  • Dispute – Glenwood Dr. in reference to neighbor stating they heard a female screaming. Upon Officer arrival subjects on location advised all was ok and nobody was screaming.
  • Motor Vehicle Accident/Property Damage – Tanglewood Dr. Complainant reported a female subject was driving through her yard and ramming into vehicles. Area checked, negative contact with no apparent damage to property or vehicles. Report declined. All ok.
  • EMS Assist – Glenwood Dr. in reference to an intoxicated male breaking a beer bottle over his head causing a gash to his head. Subject was turned over to EMS.
  • Traffic Stop – E. Marable/Glen Iris- Officer initiated a traffic stop due to a brake light out.  The driver and had an outstanding warrant for hit and run and reckless driving out of Walton County Sheriff’s Office. He was taken into custody and transported to the jail.
  • Traffic Stop – Felker St./E. Washington- Officer initiated a traffic stop due to failure to maintain lane. The driver was identified and during the stop it was determined that he was driving under the influence. He was taken into custody and issued citations for DUI, failure to maintain lane, open container and failure to use turn signal. He was then transported to the jail.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Custom Way. Ref to a car speeding in the area. Complainant requested a report of a vehicle doing donuts in the cul-de-sac. Report taken.
  • Suspicious person – E. Washington St., Watkins and Associates. EMS advised subject banging on a closed business door. The subject had wandered away from personal care home at S. Madison Ave., he was returned.
  • Suicide attempt – W. Spring St., Haven Inn – No suicide attempt. Patient requested to go to the hospital and was transported by EMS.
  • Suspicious vehicle – HW138 towards Monroe. Toyota Tacoma speeding. Area searched with negative contact.
  • Stolen vehicle – Amber Trail. Handled by phone. Report taken.
  • Mental patient – S. Madison Ave. Welfare check requested on subject, who is living alone with dementia. Family in town was advised of available remedies.
  • Hit and run – E. Spring St., Dairy Queen. Grey Nissan struck by black Toyota that fled the scene. Turned over to  Georgia State Patrol.
  • Suspicious person – E. Washington St. Ref to subject leaving his health home again. I returned him and advised the caregiver to try and keep him inside.
  • Follow up – Douglas St. Located second vehicle that fled the hit and run. TOT GSP.
  • Missing person located – Advised by dispatch that subject was located in Athens and TOT her mother. She was removed from GCIC.
  • Missing Person – S. Broad St.; MPD. Complainant reported her son missing since 6/3/2020.
  • EMS Assist – Southside. Patient suffering possible overdose. Turned over to EMS. CID notified.
  • Dispute – Carwood Dr. Verbal dispute between two parties, parties mediated.
  • Dispute – Glen Iris Dr. Verbal dispute between male and female that are engaged. Situation mediated.
  • Dispute – Etten Dr. Verbal argument between male and female subjects. Female was gone prior to officer’s arrival and male left the location.
  • Suspicious person – E. Church St. Two black males asked resident if she lost her keys. Negative contact.
  • Civil Issue – Nowell St. Two subjects disputing over a van. One subject has been in jail for 6 months and was advised to leave vehicle on location. Parties separated.

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