MPD Reports: Drug prescription fraudulently picked up and stolen

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 8 – 14, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft Report, Elm Place, complainant stated she ordered a pair of gold and white Gucci shoes online that were delivered yesterday by FedEx. She stated that the package was not on location when she got home and believed someone stole the package off her porch. No suspects at this time.
  • Civil Issue, Douglas St., reference complainant with questions in reference to the eviction process.
  • Lost Item, South Broad St., Southside MHP. the complainant advised she lost her white purse with her ID and money. She could not remember where she lost it. Advised of remedies and declined a report.
  • Dispute, New Lacy St., reference to two subjects verbally disputing. One subject was intoxicated and both parties were separated.
  • Juvenile Complaint, North Madison Ave., mother stated her 14-year-old son was being disrespectful and not doing as told. She attempted to take the WiFi router from him while the officer was on scene but he refused to give it to her. Officer was able to obtain the router from the son. Mother was advised of remedies.
  • Wanted Person, Alcovy St., reference Milton Young on location with active warrants. The subject was taken into custody and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Juvenile Complaint, East Spring St., Bulldog Tire, Reference a black male pushing a bicycle. Area checked with negative contact.
  • Traffic Stop, South Broad/Walker St., In reference to Black Honda Accord, impounded for no insurance.
  • Welfare check, 4th St., contact with complainant was made. Complainant is mentally diminished and thought she heard people in her locked attic. Everything was ok.
  • Search Warrant, Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview, assisted in a search warrant executed by CID,
  • Dispute, Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview, mother advised that she wanted her 16-year-old daughter to be transferred to a different facility because they did not feel safe at Ridgeview. Parties were transported to Piedmont Walton. Report taken.
  • Loud Music, Green St., Homeowner stated the music would be turned down.
  • Suspicious Person, West Spring St., Harry’s Marathon, two subjects displaying bizarre behavior in the gas station, subject agreed to go to the hospital for voluntary evaluation.
  • Warrant, Hwy 11, Charlie Lee Mathis was turned over from Barrow County. Warrant out of MPD for Probation Violation.
  • Damage to Property, Alcovy St., met with the complainant. He stated a vehicle came through and damaged his yard and a tree. Report Taken.
  • Civil Matter, West Creek Circle, met with the complainant. She stated she was there to get her sister’s stuff from another resident. No one answered the door. The complainant was explained the civil process on retrieving her sister’s stuff.
  • Assault, East Church St., two subjects both cited with disorderly conduct due to 1st subject inciting a fight with other subject and that subject punching the other.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Walton Truck Stop, reference to a male subject sleeping in his vehicle in a parking spot. The driver, Michael Hagan, was found to be under the combined influence of narcotic analgesics and cannabis and was arrested for DUI drugs less safe.
  • Burglary, Tigers Way, reference to the homeowner seeing a truck parked in his driveway. Driver with Active Pest Control was on location. All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Plaza Dr., met with the complainant. He stated a suspicious vehicle (Isuzu Trooper) silver in color was on location last date and was just sitting in the parking lot. He wanted to let MPD know and to be documented. Report Taken.
  • Theft, South Broad St., complainant reported name subjects (former roommate) picked up his Clonazepam from Walgreens without his knowledge or permission and stole the medication. Report taken.
  • Domestic, Tall Oaks East, two subjects that had a dispute last date. One subject said she wants to be removed from the house. Other subject said she doesn’t know what to do with the other. Advised a report would be completed and DFACS would be notified.
  • Entering Auto, Applewood Dr., reference to someone entering complainant’s vehicle and stealing her laptop bag with her laptop inside. Report taken.
  • Animal Complaint, Applewood Dr., reference to k9s getting out of the gate. Made contact with the homeowner, who rescued the animals.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., reference to Chase Spann stealing $27.88 worth of items. Arrest made, report taken.
  • Entering Auto, Gatewood Dr; complainant reported his work vehicle being entered overnight and two tablets being taken. One tablet is a Samsung the other is an Asus, both of which were in black Otter Box cases. No serial numbers available.
  • Meet With, South Broad St., male subject advised he was kicked out from his cousin’s residence. He has nowhere to go. Contacted the FISH and he was put in a room at Haven Inn.
  • Suspicious Vehicle, Fleeting Way, reference to a truck that was sitting in front of his residence today and yesterday but is now GOA. Complainant did not request to meet with an officer.
  • Shoplifting, West Spring St., Allen Bishoff and Navia White were 10-95 for shoplifting. WTBT by 370.
  • Stolen Vehicle, Wrecker Service called reference to locating a stolen vehicle on the property.  It was explained that the VIN on a Ford f-150 was a fake VIN and the truck was stolen from Clayton County in 2017.  Officer ran the VIN provided on the truck and it returned to a 2016 Ford F-150.  The VIN given by complainant was located on the transmission returned to a 2017 Ford F-150.  A report was made of the recovery of the truck.

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