MPD Reports: Ex-boyfriends kicks in house door to use the bathroom

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 23 – 30, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St; Quality Foods. The caller advised 3 white males were walking behind the building. Officers located the males and they advised they were dumpster diving for food. All subjects left the location without incident. 
  • Burglary Report – Lacy St. Complainant advised someone with a key broke into her home but did not take anything. All appeared ok. Report taken.
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave./ Community Court. The subject on location advised her and her boyfriend got into a verbal argument, she then stated that she began to have a medical episode. Turned over to EMS.
  • Dispute – E. Fambrough St. Subjects on location arguing over living arrangements. Situation resolved. Parties separated.
  • Dispute – New Lacy St; In reference to a verbal dispute between the complainant and her roommate over turning the power on and off. Situation mediated and parties were advised on remedies.
  • Dispute – W. Spring St; Haven Inn. The complainant advised of loud noise and advised she received several complaints about room 210. The subject in room 210 was sleeping along with her daughter. The subject was advised to turn down her tv. All ok
  • Dispute – Old Mill Point; A verbal dispute between two parties. One of the parties wanted inside their residence to get his phone. The other party let him inside the residence without incident. Situation mediated.
  • Dispute – New Lacy St. Contact made with a subject who advised of dispute, parties separated before our arrival. Remedies advised. Report taken. All ok.
  • Power lines down – South Madison Ave. No roadway blockage by lines, a transformer blew out with no fire. MUN advised, all ok.
  • Dispute – Douglas St. A male and female were disputing.  arrested for Family Violence Simple Assault. Jail refused to take her. She was released at her father’s house across town. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr; A, in reference to an argument on 04/25/2020. The complainant got his things from inside the home and left on his own free will. Parties were separated, All ok.
  • Theft report – S. Broad St. Made contact with the complainant who advised a catalytic converter was taken from the front of the residence. Report taken.
  • Rape-report only – Glen Iris Dr. Male wished to make a report about an altercation with a female. Report taken.
  • Theft report – S. Broad St. report was made. Will be turned over to Criminal Investigation Division.
  • Suicide attempt – Nowell St. A woman ingested an unknown number of pills and began drinking alcohol. A knife and a suicide note were located by her. She was transported to Piedmont Walton by EMS.
  • Damage to Property – Wellington Ln. Ex-boyfriend kicked the door into the residence, used the restroom and left prior to officers’ arrival. The homeowner stated she did not want to press charges.
  • EMS assist – Alcovy St. Ref to a 40-year-old lethargic and lips turning blue, Turned over to EMS.
  • Follow up – Wellington Ln. Complainant advised male back on location attempting to break in. The subject arrested after a brief foot chase with an officer for obstruction, public intox, and a Clayton County warrant.
  • Dispute – Carwood Dr. In reference to complainant advising his roommate invites guests over and does narcotics. The complainant was advised of the civil process. All ok
  • Dispute – N. Midland Ave. The complainant was not on location. The subject on location advised they gotten into a verbal argument over him drinking and smoking marijuana on his front porch. He was advised of remedies. All ok
  • Threats – Birch St; In reference to complainant stating that subject is threatening to murder him over money and his fiance. Report taken

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