MPD Reports: Ex girlfriend allegedly spikes drinks with cleaning products; catalytic converter stolen from church van

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 3 – 10, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Firearms – Breedlove Dr at McDaniel St. In reference to the complainant advising that they heard shots behind a house coming from McDaniel St near Breedlove Dr. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Stolen Vehicle – Thompson Ridge Dr. In reference to the complainant advising that two subjects were given permission to drive the complainant’s vehicle and now will not return it. Complainant advised that they did not have a physical copy of the title for the vehicle, they did not sign the title when it was purchased, the vehicle was never registered to the complainant when they purchased it sometime in December 2019 due to it needing to be inspected, and also does not have any active insurance on the vehicle.

Dispute – S Broad St. Dollar General. In reference to a female inside the store is causing a disturbance and threatening employees over uploading money on a prepaid card. The female was identified. Subject was gone upon officer arrival. Report taken 

Suspicious Vehicle – US 78E at Hwy 11. In reference to possibly a white Chevrolet Silverado unable to maintain lane. Area checked, negative contact. 

Burglary – Hickory Dr. complainant advising that there is a light on in the basement and they do not remember turning the light on. Residence was checked. No burglary occurred. 

Juvenile Complaint – MLK Jr Blvd. complainant stating that there are several teenagers in the Tractor Supply parking lot driving around and reeving their engines. Juveniles dispersed upon officer arrival. 

Suicide Attempt – Clubside Dr. an 18-year-old female who took an unknown amount of Adderall and Xanax0. Not alert or conscious. Patient was somewhat conscious and alert upon police arrival. Turned over to EMS. 

Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St. Little Caesars. In reference to a white SUV occupied by 3 white males, who argued inside Little Caesars, but were sitting in their vehicle on location. Subjects left the location upon officer arrival. 

Other Law – S Broad St. Monroe First Methodist Church. In reference to the complainant stating that she needs to find somewhere to stay for the night. Remedies were given. 

Traffic Stop – W Spring St at Etten Dr. Vehicle was stopped for a tag light violation. After investigation the driver was issued a citation for City Ordinance 62-3 Poss. of Marijuana. Report taken. 

Mental Patient – S. Broad Street at First United Methodist Church. Mental Patient on location. She requested permission to go to the church service. Subject was informed service would start at 09:30. 

Mental Patient – S. Broad Street at First United Methodist Church. Subject was taken to Piedmont Walton for an evaluation. 

Juvenile Problem – S. Broad Street at Monroe PD. Complainant advised her children were missing since last Thursday. The children were located with a family member in Gwinnett. The situation was resolved. 

Damage to property – Davis St. the Catalytic converter being cut and removed from the church van. Report was taken. 

Dispute – Towler St. ex girlfriend putting household cleaning products in complainant’s drinks. Complainant was advised remedies. 

Juvenile Complaint – South Broad St. Juvenile asking subjects for money at the bank ATM. Subject was advised to not ask anyone for money. 

Civil Issue – South Broad St. Subject having issues with her deceased mother’s landlord. Subject advised of civil remedies. 

Dispute – Great Oaks Dr. Cocina Fuentes. Complainant left their firearm in the bathroom and returned to retrieve it, but the manager is refusing to give the firearm back to the complainant. Firearm was returned back to the complainant without incident. All ok. 

Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St. Taco Bell. In reference to a gold Nissan Altima unable to maintain lane heading towards Broad St. Area checked, negative contact. 

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