MPD Reports: Father of stolen iPhone victim tracks phone and retrieves it from suspects; 6-year-old tries to choke his mother; bullying complaints

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 2 – 9, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • SHOPLIFTING – W. Spring St (Family Dollar) Caller stated that the subject pushed two buggies of items out the door. Spoke with the manager on duty. She stated that she was unaware of anyone taking items and stated that she did not wish to have a report due to not knowing when who, or what was taken.
  • Warrant service – W. Spring St.- An anonymous caller called stating that a named female subject was on location with an active warrant for violation of probation. She was arrested and transported to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office without issue.
  • Theft/Other Law – Pavilion Parkway (Planet Fitness) Reference a stolen cell phone. Complainant’s father tracked his son’s cell phone and pursued the suspects into Athens. The suspect then came back into Walton County. Complainant’s father was able to make contact with the suspects and have the phone returned to him. Complainant did not want to press charges due to getting the phone back.
  • Suspicious Activity – E Church St; while patrolling the area, a vehicle with the rear passenger door was ajar. I contacted the residents; the owner advised her children may have left the door open, and all was ok on location.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Lead Foot Diesel- In reference to a vehicle parked and running in front of one of the garage bays. Contact was made with the owner, who stated that he had just got off work and was dropping off his truck to be worked on. All Okay.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Hwy 78 W/ Cherry Hill Dr.- In reference to a car parked on the side of Hwy 78, upon making contact with the driver who stated the car had broken down and was arranging a tow and a ride home. All okay.
  • Unsecure Gate – Plaza Dr (Monroe Auto Service Center) open gate doors were secure, no keyholder information, closed gate not able to secure gate.
  • Dispute – Perry St. Female subject was at her boyfriends’ residence, the two got into an argument, and the father of the son asked her to leave. The female started arguing with the father, and the father wanted to have the female criminally trespassed from the property. Criminal trespass served. The female was given a ride to QuikTrip in Loganville.
  • Loud Music – Roosevelt St.- A foot patrol was conducted, no loud music was heard in the area.
  • Intoxicated Person – Unisia Drive in reference to an employee refused to take a drug test and left the property. The female subject was possibly intoxicated on something per the manager. The female subject was located in Waffle House.
  • Runaway Juvenile/foot pursuit – Tall Oaks East – In reference to a named juvenile running away from his residence. The juvenile was later located and fled from the officer. After a brief foot pursuit he was taken into custody, later being charged with felony obstruction and turned over to Walton County deputies at the courthouse for transport to RYDC.
  • Shoplifting – S. Broad St. Report of shoplifting on 1/22/23. Suspect identified and report taken.
  • Theft Report – McDaniel Street. Named subject reported his Glock 19 taken out of his unlocked vehicle overnight, report taken.
  • Dispute – 3rd Street. Dispute between two women over one leaving with her child. Parties mediated and civil remedies advised.
  • Juvenile Problem – Michael Circle. Female subject reported neighborhood kids bullying her daughter on the bus by calling her names. She was advised of available remedies and stated she would get in contact with the bus department.
  • Counterfeit – N Broad St -In reference to a named male subject attempting to pay for food with a counterfeit 50 dollar bill. He was cooperative with the police, his money was confiscated due to him claiming he did not know it was fake, and he was Criminally Trespassed from Sussies Wings indefinitely.
  • Juvenile Problem – Amber Trail. Female subject reported her 6-year-old autistic son tried to choke her during an episode. Juvenile was spoken to and further remedies advised.
  • Damage to Property – New Lacy St – In reference to a damaged fence. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Overlook Trl. A subject reported getting jumped by a a named subject last date. He did not have any marks or witnesses to verify this and only called after officers responded to the subject’s house.
  • Suspicious Person – Poplar St- In reference to a named subject walking in the Roadway, he was advised of traffic laws and sent on his way.
  • Warrant Service – Forest St- In reference to an unknown female calling and stating that a named subject was on location with an active probation warrant. Contact was made with the named subject on location, he was placed under arrest and transported to the Bostwick gas station where he was turned over to Morgan County Deputies without issue.
  • Sexual Battery – Baron Drive – Complainant called due to statements from her child. The incident occurred at Blaine St; information was gathered, and CID was notified.
  • Dispute – Subject at Family Dollar knocking on glass window because the store closed early; all subjects were gone on arrival.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Bridgeport Ln Grandmother stated that her 10-year-old grandson was being bullied at school and boys and girls club she wanted a report to document the incident that took place today at Girls and Boys club.
  • Found Property – Plaza Dr. – In reference to the complainant’s son finding a black Samsung phone in the parking lot of Ashton Pointe. The phone was placed into evidence for safekeeping until the owner could be located.
  • Suspicious vehicle – S. Broad St- In reference to a U-Haul truck parked out front of the closed business. The vehicle was unoccupied, and the building was secured, All okay.
  • Suspicious person – Old Mill Point- In reference to an unknown male shining a light towards the complainant’s door briefly before walking away.
  • Entering Auto – Old Mill Point- In reference to the complainant leaving his vehicle unlocked with the key inside and someone taking the key from the car. TOT CID.
  • Warrant Attempt – W Spring St, information was obtained of a named subject possibly at the above location. The subject has an active warrant through Morgan County, but no contact was made.
  • Warrant Attempt – W Spring St, attempted to serve a warrant on a named subject, no contact was made. A warrant is through WCSO.
  • Suspicious Person/Vehicle – City Hall, Contact made with two subjects sitting in a dark parking lot near the dumpsters of City Hall; all ok. The subject was being dropped off.
  • Traffic Stop/Drug Offense – N Broad St at Waffle House. Female subject was stopped for an equipment violation. A probable cause search was conducted due to the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Marijuana, pipes, and grinders were located in the vehicle, along with a bag of MDMA. She was placed under arrest and charged with Possession of Schedule II. She was transported to the WCSO without incident. Warrant to be taken.
  • Suspicious Person – East Church St Chestnut Cupboard subject was yelling at customers leaving the store and kicking at their vehicles; the subject was located, transported to the PD, booked, and released on citation.

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