MPD Reports: Female allegedly uses cash app to remove funds from grandmother’s account; harassment issues, disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 29 – Nov. 4, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fifth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Harassment – South Broad St., Dollar General. Ref to a subject’s husband calling her at work wanting her to get off. 

Dispute – West Marable St. both parties were mediated and agreed all was ok. No need for separation. 

Fight – Plaza Dr. Aprox 5 b/m’s fighting in front of the apt with possible gunshots heard. Area searched with negative contact. Negative contact with shell casings on ground. 

Harassment – HW138, Great Oaks Retirement Home. Complainant receiving harassing phone calls from subject at her place of business. 

Agency Assist/Entering Auto – Rao Dr. In reference to an entering auto in progress. White male, thin build, wearing a blue hat, camo shirt, and jeans. Officers assisted Walton County Sheriff’s Office with a K9 perimeter. 

Extra Patrol – Carwood Dr. In reference to the complainant stating that they are out of town and he is going through a divorce. Complainant advised that his soon to be ex-wife has been making threats to go to the residence from Dawsonville, GA to remove items. Residence checked throughout the night. 

Dispute – W Spring St. McDonalds. In reference to the complainant advising that there are 6 females attempting to jump her daughter. Verbal dispute between complainant complainant’s daughter, co- worker), and a mother. All parties were separated without incident. Remedies were advised. All ok. 

Other Law – Glen Iris Dr. In reference to the complainant advising she was followed by a female to her mother’s residence. The complainant advised the female is in a black Honda Pilot and is currently gone, unknown DOT. Complainant was provided information to a Temporary Protection Order and advised of available remedies. 

Civil Issue – South Broad Street subject borrowed the complainants’ vehicle in Bogart and is not bringing it back. Complainant was advised to call Athens Clark County Police Dept. 

Shoplifting – West Spring Street -In reference to black female who put a drill in her purse and left in a grey 2 door vehicle. Report taken. 

Theft – West Spring Street (Long Nails): In reference to a patron getting their nails done and failure to return to pay. Complainant wanted a report to made. Report made. 

Damage to Property – Mayfield Drive in reference to a vehicle damage near Pot Luck on today’s date. Report taken. 

Dispute – South Broad Street (John’s Supermarket): In reference to the store owner wanting a patron to leave the store. Situation mediated and parties separated. 

Other Law -East Fambrough Street / RailRoad Tracks: In reference to a complainant wanting the juvenile to stop throwing rocks at his property. Juvenile was instructed to stop. 

Fraud Report – Glen Iris Dr. Complainant advised that her bank statement showed that there were payments to a cash app account belonging to her granddaughter. 

Hit-and-Run – South Broad Street – In reference to a hit and run that occurred in the county, T.O.T Georgia State Patrol and WCSO 

Suspicious Vehicle – East Spring Street & North Broad Street – In reference to a white pickup truck failing to maintain lane, traffic stop conducted, verbal warning. 

Dispute – North Broad Street – reference to complainant on location attempting to recover property for subject from motel room shared with third party. Civil issue. Remedies advised 

Firearms – Davis Street – In reference to several gun shots in the area, area checked no contact. 

Traffic Stop -South Hammond Drive and East Church Street. Traffic stop for tag lights. Driver was arrested for a failure to appear warrant out of Monroe Municipal court. 

Stolen Vehicle – South Broad Street complainant letting her boyfriend borrow her vehicle. He did not return it at the agreed upon time and blocked all communication from her. Vehicle listed on GCIC and warrant for theft by conversion taken. 

Dispute – Green Street – subject returning to location. Criminal trespass warning issued to stay away from the location. 

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