MPD Reports: Female in a cow costume concerned someone was offering a ride

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Feb. 18 – 25, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Pine Park St.- Subject trying to get her property back from another subject who wasn’t answering the door. Officers attempted contact but had negative contact. Subject was advised to try to make contact later to try to retrieve her items. 

Prisoner transport) from Walton County Sheriff’s Office to 116 South Broad St., MPD City Court. Transported one female to City Court, all ok. 

TPO violation – Towler St. Subject wanting to file a report that her ex-boyfriend that she has a Temporary Protection Order against messaged her on Facebook. 

Suspicious person – West Spring St., Roses Express. Ref to a female in a cow costume advising of a young w/m asking people to get into vehicles. Male was located and offering a ride, he was sent on his way. 

Damage to property – Knight St. Complainant advised an unknown animal had chewed a hole through the interior wall of her home. Report taken. 

Suspicious Noise – North Broad St – Deer Acres Inn an anonymous called saying they heard suspicious noise then hung up. A walk through of the hotel was conducted, negative contact with any peculiar noises. 

Suspicious Vehicle -Tanglewood a dirt bike being rode up and down the street. Made contact with subjects who had the dirt bike and asked them to put it up for the night. Nothing further. 

Firearms – Cherokee Ave. Two bullet holes were discovered within the home. The projectiles were discovered to have come from the East Church St. area where multiple shell casings were found. No injuries reported, CID was notified and responded. 

Transport – South Broad Street in reference to transport a subject to Walton County Jail because he had a warrant for probation violation. 

Dispute – North Broad Street at Golden Pantry: in reference to a female on location verbally disputing with staff over lottery tickets. 

Dispute – West Spring Street In reference to a subject who was refusing to leave. He was criminal trespassed for 2 years. 

Theft – West Spring Street at Waffle House: a white male subject stole the clock off the wall.

Theft – South Broad Street at Trading Place Pawn: a missing tag decal. 

Dispute – Davis Street: In reference to the complainant stating her Mother put her hands on her. Upon arrival, the complainant was uncooperative, and stated she did not need the police anymore. 

Other Law – South Broad Street: Complainant wanting to report harassment from an inaccurate Facebook Post. 

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