MPD Reports: Fentanyl overdose subject revived by roommate with 4 doses of Narcan

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 22 – 29, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Prowler Report – Tall Oaks Ln. – Female complainant thought she had a prowler on her camera. The pictures shown to officers were difficult to make out. Trees and lights. Both officers went back into service.
  • Hit and Run – Unisia Drive; Two vehicle collision with minor damage. Involving a green Dodge 1500 that left the scene once the accident occurred. Report taken in GEARS.
  • Suspicious Person – S Broad Street, Complainant called about a suspicious man sitting on her porch. Contact was made with the individual and he left upon officers instructions.
  • Criminal Trespass – Mill Stone Bluff, Property manager called about squatter staying inside the residence while it is being refurbished. The subject was criminally trespassed and then put up by FISH.
  • Other Law – W Marable St; Complainant reporting a male subject claimed he was going to shoot up the residence after a dispute. He could not specify who made the claim. Report taken.
  • Traffic Stop/ Arrests – Hwy 78 Eb at Marable St Bridge- Vehicle stopped for speeding. Probable cause search conducted due to odor of marijuana. Two subjects were arrested for Failure to appear on Dangerous Drugs Warrants out of WCSO. Both taken to WCSO jail without incident.
  • EMS Assist – Monroe Area HS- 16-year-old female having medical emergency. Turned over to EMS.
  • Damage to Property – Douglas St- In reference to a broken car vehicle window. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Pavilion Pkwy; Publix- In reference to a shopping cart striking the complainants vehicle. Report taken. Civil remedies advised.
  • Loud Music – West Creek Cir- Area check was conducted, negative contact with any loud music.
  • Assault law – Meadow View Dr. In reference to a subject being thrown through a window by an unknown female somewhere near Old Mill. The subject was transported to Piedmont-Walton. Report taken.
  • Child custody – Hwy 138; Chick Fil A: In reference to the complainant advising her ex- husband was refusing to abide by the court order of their child’s custody. After reviewing the custody agreement, it was found that the complainant was in violation of the court order due to an individual she had with her and a no contact order for him. Parties separated and the ex-husband remained in custody of the child.
  • Domestic – South Madison- In reference to two subject in a dispute. One was gone when officers arrived
  • Civil issue – Stonecreek – In reference to a male subject concerned about his missing property with his aunt who was moving and possibly put it in storage. Remedies advised
  • Suspicious vehicle – Hwy 78 & N Broad St: In reference to a semi-truck failing to maintain lane. Negative contact was made.
  • Dispute – Green St: In reference to the complainant advising another was distracting and bothering him. He was advised of the eviction process.
  • Overdose – Overlook Trail. Caller stated that the subject was blue and unconscious, caller called back and requested that units not respond that the subject was conscious and alert. Units responded to make sure that the subject was okay and to allow her to refuse medical treatment. Subject stated to officer that she had snorted fentanyl and she was given four Narcan treatments by roommate.

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