MPD Reports: Fraud, threats, and it’s NOT OK to shoot someone stealing packages

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Dec. 5 – 12, 2019. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Mental Person – Walker Dr. in reference to a subject stating she wanted to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation check. She was transported to Piedmont-Walton by EMS. 
  • Threats – Towler St. – In reference to an ex-boyfriend of victim posting nude pictures on social media.
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave. in reference to mother and son disputing over son being too loud in the residence and mother can’t sleep. Son was gone on arrival.
  • Fraud – South Broad Street: In reference to an ex-employee taken monies from the company (River Valley Mobile Home Community) who owns South Side and Central Mobile Home Parks. Report taken.
  • Theft – E. Spring St. – Popeyes in reference to complainant thinking someone stole money from his card. No theft occurred.
  • Counterfeit Money – E. Spring St. – Popeyes in reference to someone passing a counterfeit $100 and getting change. Popeyes declined a report but wanted to notify Police.
  • Welfare Check – S. Broad St. (South Side Mobile Park: In reference to Florida’s DFACS wanted to check on 2 twin males ages 9 and female who is 3. The boys were still at school and the girl was taking a nap. All ok.
  • Theft – S. Madison Ave. in reference to complainant losing her medicines and need a report for insurance purposes.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr. Complainant stated the couple that was arguing in his apartment left after he asked them to leave.
  • Dispute – S. Broad St. In reference to the complainant having issues with his girlfriend’s father. Temporary Protection Order process was explained. Father was not able to be located.
  • Area check – Alcovy St. Complainant called and wanted to know if he caught someone stealing his package could he shoot them. The complainant was advised, no he cannot shoot someone stealing his package.
  • Dispute – W. Spring at KFC in reference to subject refusing to leave the premises and being disrespectful to fellow staff. Subject was informed of his error and left with his aunt.
  • Dispute – W. Marable St. Complainant was arguing with her husband because he has been drinking all day and he cannot take care of her.
  • Suspicious person – W. Spring St. in reference to a subject was inside Wal-Mart walking around. The subject decided to return to the hospital.
  • Damage to Property – Green Street. In reference to complainant reporting he was involved in a hit & run last date at approximately 20:00 – 20:30 hours at N. Broad and Hwy 78 W off-ramp. Complainants’ red 2010 Chevy Camaro had damage to the front driver side bumper. He advised he was struck by a gray Ford SUV with an unknown tag number. Report taken,
  • Drug Activity – Mill Creek Way in reference to a quantity of marijuana located in the toilet by maintenance personal. The marijuana was located and turned into evidence.
  • Animal Complaint – Glen Iris Dr. In reference to the complainants’ two K9s fighting. The older dog killed the puppy. Turned over to Animal Control.
  • Damage to Property – S. Madison Ave. – Felker Park in reference to work bus having its catalytic converter cut off. Report taken.
  • Assault – Nowell St. Complainant is being treated at Northside Hospital in Duluth, GA. She said back in March or April she was assaulted by a subject. She is at the hospital today to be mentally evaluated. No current physical altercation. She was advised to come to Monroe PD once she is discharged from the hospital as she is fearful of this subject.
  • Found Property/Drug Activity – Shamrock Dr. Complainant located a quantity of methamphetamine in her roommate’s bedroom. Joint Ops responded and a search warrant was acquired. DCS also assisted with the investigation. The roommate, George Nuckolls, arrived on the scene and was arrested for possession of meth.
  • Theft Report – S. Broad St. In reference to complainant reporting a package from Ebay stolen from his mailbox. Report taken.
  • Fraud – S. Broad St. – MPD in reference to the complainant having her identity used to open several different accounts. Report taken.
  • Threats – S. Broad St. – Hardees. In reference to an employee being threatened by a male customer. Report taken.

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