MPD Reports: Guardian refuses to pick up 19-year-old autistic son from hospital; mother takes on daughter’s place of work for disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 1 – 8, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Theft report – Blane St.- In reference to a gym bag stolen from Planet Fitness, Report taken.
  • Area Check – Bryant Rd.- Barrow County Sheriff’s Office requesting units to attempt to make contact with the owner of a vehicle that was involved in a crime in Barrow County, information obtained and forwarded to BCSO.
  • Wanted Person – Alcovy Street – In reference to a named subject on location with a warrant. Taken into custody without incident.
  • Road Rage) Hwy 78 & Aycock Ave- In reference to complainant and her daughters reporting that subject got into a verbal altercation with them at the Walton Truck Stop and pulled a firearm on them. Video footage was later gathered from the Truck Stop. At no point in time was a firearm seen brandished on the footage. Report taken, sent to CID.
  • Dispute – Pine Park St; In reference to subject getting into a dispute with her granddaughter. Civil remedies advised.
  • Dispute – Piedmont Pkwy @ Gotham Green The mother of one of the parties involved returned to the place of work and was causing a disturbance about her daughter being picked on. Parties were gone when officers arrived.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – Hwy 78 and Hwy 11 – Vehicle stopped for multiple traffic violations, the driver was arrested for PWID Marijuana. Transported to Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Mental Patient – Breedlove Drive @ Ridgeview; In reference to a male getting out of a private ambulance transport and walking down the street. EMS was able to apprehend the subject and transport him back to Ridgeview without incident.
  • Illegal Parking – Aycock Ave; In reference to several tractor trailers parked in the roadway. Roadway cleared.
  • Animal Complaint – Double Springs Church Rd @ Monroe Area High Sschool; In reference to a dog running loose on location chasing students.
  • Other Law – W. Spring St. (Piedmont Walton) – Hospital called stating that a 19-year-old autistic male was discharged from 10-13 and the mother/guardian of disabled adult was refusing to come pick the subject up. I made contact with the mother, and she advised me that she was not going to pick him up and that she was afraid he would hurt her. She was advised that with her being the guardian she was responsible for him and would need to pick him up. She stated that she would call her lawyer and hung up the phone. Attempts were made to try and get the disabled subject in a facility but was unable to get him in one. Hospital was advised they would need to contact Adult protective services and report it. They were called on the Police side for mandated reporting. A report was filed.
  • Suicidal threats – Kelton rd. In reference to complainant stating her son said he wanted to harm himself. Complainant already contacted son’s therapist and GA crisis center and had someone enroute for an evaluation. Remedies advised.
  • Entering auto – Felker Park; Green Field. In reference to complainant reporting her wallet stolen. Report taken.

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