MPD Reports: Gun stolen from car; caretaker arrested for theft, domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 21 – 28, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Entering Auto – Sporty Ln the complainant stated that her car was broken into and a gun was taken from the glove compartment. Report taken and gun was placed in GCIC as Stolen. 
  • Suspicious Person – Green St. and Perry St. in reference to a black male in a red sweatshirt selling drugs in the area. Upon contact, the subject attempted to discard narcotics and flee on foot from officers. The subject fought with officers, was tased and taken into custody.
  • Suspicious person – Alcovy St. at Breedlove Drive in reference to 3 black males were fighting. Subjects gone when officers arrived
  • Dispute – Sherwood Dr. in reference to three brothers fighting at the residence. One person was placed under arrest.
  • Theft – E. Spring St. at Bulldog Tire in reference to a complainant reporting a subject for stealing items from his home and attempting to use his identity at Home Depot.
  • Domestic Dispute – Stokes St. in reference to a domestic dispute. A female subject taken to jail for simple battery.
  • Dispute – Cook St. in reference to the complainant was assaulted and the subjects left the scene. The subject stated that she did not want a report and refused to give the proper information.
  • Lost Item – Walton S.t in reference to a complainant lost tag off his truck at a work site.
  • Theft report – Complainant stated her caregiver stole $100.00 out of her wallet. After interviewing the caregiver at the Police Department, she was placed under arrest for theft by taking.
  • Fraud – Stewart Ct.: Complainant reported a fraudulent Verizon account set up in his name. Report taken
  • Dispute – W. Spring St. Piedmont Walton: In reference to a subject being discharged from the hospital but refusing to leave. The subject wanted to go to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Was given courtesy ride.
  • Theft Report – Walton St.: In reference to a stolen wallet and cell phone. Report taken.
  • Found property – W. Spring St., Rite Aid. The property was turned over to the owner. When asked her property was in the area owner gave several stories. Possible 10-96 or 38D related issues. All ok
  • Follow up – Plaza Trc. Found property returned to the proper owner.
  • Dispute – Baron Dr. Dispute between a subject and her husband. Conflicting stories about what happened during the incident. Daughter (6 years old) was at the residence and advised on what actually happened, which led to conflicting stories between subjects. A report was taken to document the incident.
  • Entering auto – Knight St-. The vehicle was entered sometime over the night and a wallet was missing. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Walker Dr. in reference to a female subject being on location causing a disturbance. She got her mother to come to get her and she has bond conditions to stay away from her. She was arrested and transported to WCSO
  • Theft of Lost/Stolen Property – Alcovy St. Spoke to the complainant and she advised that two of their dealer tags have gone missing. She spoke to a representative from the Department of Revenue and was advised to have a police report taken to document the lost tags.
  • Stolen vehicle – N. Broad St. David Prindle reported his vehicle stolen. The vehicle was impounded during traffic stop the previous night.
  • Dispute – W. Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Report of a patient being combative with staff. 82-year-old on location, sitting in chair awaiting transport, all ok.
  • Animal complaint – W. Spring St. and Breedlove Dr. Ref to a turtle in the road. Area searched with negative contact.
  • Dispute – W. Spring St., Haven Inn. Civil dispute over an employee’s final paycheck. Paycheck given to employee. Situation mediated
  • Follow Up – Davis St. Reference two individuals sleeping at the burned-out property. Negative contact; City Marshal notified
  • Theft – Ridgeview; Complainant reported the hospital has not returned her sisters’, belongings. Report taken
  • Fight – W. Spring St. Los Three Amigos – In reference to two females fighting in the parking lot. Turned out to be verbal only. Report taken.
  • Firearms – Tanglewood – Multiple callers advising they heard gunshots. Contact made with a female who advised she was shooting fireworks with her son. All ok.
  • Damage To Property – Ridge Rd. – Complainant advised someone attempted to enter his residence while out of town. Report taken.

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