MPD Reports: Harassing calls made to 911; threats of suicide; drunk man locks himself out of his residence and disturbs neighbor to let him

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 19 – 26, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Carwood Drive in reference to the caller said a male subject assaulted her. When Officers spoke with the owner, everything was okay and there was not a dispute happening.
  • Harassment – MPD- In reference to the caller wanting advice on her brother messaging her.
  • Suspicious person – West Spring St in reference to a named subject was asking people in the drive-thru for money. He had an active warrant for failure to appear out of Duluth but they did not want him.
  • Found Property – MPD- In reference to two licenses and a debit card found in Monroe Estates. Property was returned to the owner.
  • Theft – W 5th St in reference to a theft of a firearm. The call was canceled because the caller found the firearm.
  • EMS Assist – W Spring St in reference to a named subject laying in the bushes near the roadway.
  • Suicide Threats – Overlook Crest – In reference to a female subject making threats to kill herself. She was transported to Piedmont Walton for 1013 without incident.
  • Juvenile problem – Wheel House Ln/ Old Mill PT- In reference to a named female juvenile refusing to go with her guardian and walking away from her. An area check was conducted, no contact with her. She was listed as a missing/ runaway juvenile in GCIC.
  • Ridgeview Issue – Breedlove Dr, COMP called due to Ridgeview refusing to release his child back to him. NO 1013 order had been signed. Upon arrival, it was determined the juvenile had no 1013 order; the juvenile was released back to the parents.
  • Other Law – S Broad St – In reference to the complainant stating his EBT card was not working. The complainant was advised to contact EBT tomorrow. The call was cleared.
  • Suspicious Person – Pine Park; – Female stated she could see people on her property; the female stated that the subject was sitting in her van on camera; the officer looked at the video, and no subject was in the vehicle.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – HWY 78 WB – In reference to a vehicle failing to maintain its lane. The officer observed the car fail to maintain lane and conducted a traffic stop on Unisia Dr. The driver was not impaired and was released.
  • Suspicious person – Reed Way- In reference to an intoxicated male locking himself out of his residence and knocking on the complainant’s door, thinking someone else lived there. The subject was escorted home, all okay.
  • Suspicious Person – E 5th St. – Subject was observed riding a bicycle with no proper lights and traveling on the wrong side of the road. Contact was made due to the violations. The Subject was identified and he had a heavy odor of marijuana coming from his person and admitted to having meth on him during the PC search. He also had a parole warrant violation for his arrest and he was charged with Possession of methamphetamine and parole warrant was confirmed.
  • DUI – N. Broad – A named male subject was arrested for DUI following a traffic stop for taillight requirements and tire requirements (driving on the rim). He was turned over to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Other law – Reed way – In reference to a previous call. The male called back and stated there were people in his yard. There was no one in the yard, and he was advised of the proper use of 911. The subject called 911 several more times and requested Officers come back to “kiss his ass.” The subject was met with again, determined to be under the influence of CNS stimulants, and was re-advised of the proper use of 911 and further advised that continuing this behavior would result in him being arrested for abuse of 911. No further calls were received.
  • Overdose – St. Ives Walk: Subject overdosed on narcotics. Turned over to EMS on scene.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – W Spring St; Quality Foods. In reference to two 55 gallon drums leaking liquid. Registered owner advised it was water for his horses. All ok.

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