MPD Reports: Harassment complaints, multiple people fighting in the street and juvenile problems

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 1 – 8, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Person – E. Spring Street; Valero. Subject loitering on location and refused to provide ID to officers. He was detained and identified. He was ROC for disorderly conduct. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Edwards Street. Dark colored passenger car riding up and down the roadway multiple times. Area checked negative contact. 

Follow Up – Birch Street Water treatment plant. Subject was seen walking back to an abandon vehicle that was parked on the City property in reference to previous call. He was given a citation for City obstruction because he kept lying why he was on the City Property and who drove his vehicle 

Suspicious Person) 227 S. Broad Street; Stuevers Studio. Report of an Asian male running into the building on, 10/4/2020. Complainant wanted to make officers aware, no report requested. 

Harassment – Walker Drive complainant claimed that the family is driving by his house calling him names. The family was spoken to about the incident. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Baron Dr. In reference to a dirt bike and four-wheeler driving up and down the road. Officer patrolled the area and had negative contact. 

Agency Assist – Hwy 78. In reference to vehicles drag racing headed towards Monroe. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Narcotics – S Madison Ave. Felker Park. In reference to a black male in a blue hoodie, black pants, dreads, smoking marijuana. Negative contact, the area was checked. 

Dispute – Baron Dr. In reference to the complainant’s boyfriend refusing to leave the residence. Complainant advised their boyfriend was gone when officers arrived. Complainant advised no physical altercation occurred and that it was a verbal dispute. The complainant was advised of the TPO process. 

Traffic Stop – E Spring St. Shortstop. Vehicle was stopped for tag light violation. The driver had an active warrant out of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for battery. The driver was transported to the WCSO jail without incident. Report taken 

Other Law – Breedlove Dr. Ridgeview. In reference to the complainant stating that her brother is being held against his will. Staff met with the family and explained the situation and remedies. Report requested. 

Fight – New Lacy St. In reference to multiple subjects in the road fighting. Subjects on location advised all is ok and the subjects involved were gone when officers arrival. 

Suspicious Person – S Madison Ave. In reference to four subjects stopped in front of the residence. Complainant stated he walked outside and found the subjects looking in his vehicle. Advised he just had a vehicle stolen last week and is concerned. Requested extra patrol throughout the night. Patrolled area with negative contact of anyone walking around. 

Dispute – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to a patient who is attempting to leave and hospital staff is advising patient is not able to drive for at least the next 4 hours due to medication. Patient is going to wait at Piedmont Walton until the nurses give him the ok to drive. All ok. 

Other Law – Hwy 11 at US 78. In reference to a male on Hwy 11 requesting to be taken to Covington. Subject was given a ride to Harris St, all ok. 

Suspicious Person – Edwards St at Bryant Rd. Subject was observed walking in the area. He stated he was walking around to clear his head due to having a couple bad days. Subject was sent on his way. 

Suspicious person – Russell to two subjects sitting in a vehicle in the back of the park. All okay. 

Property Damage – Davis Road in reference complainants’ ex-boyfriend damaging her back door when she was gone. 

Juvenile Complaint – Double Springs Church Road (MAHS) to a juvenile with marijuana in their vehicle. 

Dispute – New Lacy Road the complainant was arguing with her sister. Sister volunteered and moved out of complainants’ residence located at GW Carver. Sister was criminal trespass from New Lacy. 

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