MPD Reports: Hit and run, battery arrest after accident and disputes continue

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 2 – 9, 2020. Due to the length, it has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Dispute – Tall Oaks E. in reference to call, mother and daughter were OK. Mother agreed to take the daughter to her dads’ house. 
  • Animal complaint – Stokes St. Ref to brown K9 chasing workers trying to pick up trash. in reference to call, Dog was not vicious at all, I released the dog to its owner. All ok.
  • Shoplifting – W. Spring St. Wal-Mart. Subject criminally trespassed and released for shoplifting.
  • Fight – at Atha St. and S. Madison Ave. in reference to a b/f fighting with 5 b/ms in the area. Negative contact with the victim. Spoke with a witness but he did not know who they were.
  • Fraud – W. Spring St., Farmers Furniture. Ms. Tate attempted to use Adriana Carter’s information to get credit for furniture, initial done for CID. Passenger in the vehicle, Ms. Frazier had two FTA warrants out of Dekalb and Clayton SO and they requested a hold be placed. WCSO Jail refused to take Frazier and she was released.
  • Animal Complaint) at 2050 West Spring St., Wal-Mart. Call canceled by complainant due to vehicle leaving prior to officer arrival.
  • Dispute – MLK Jr. Blvd., GNC. Civil Issue handled by phone.
  • Juvenile Complaint – at Tanglewood in reference to juveniles riding dirt bikes in complainants’ yard. Complainant wanted to remain anonymous and juveniles were warned to stay in their yard. All okay.
  • Meet with Officer – Glen Iris Drive in reference to subject stating a subject was following him around Monroe and was in a physical altercation with his cousin behind Quality Foods earlier this date. Subject had questions of how to obtain a TPO and remedies were advised.
  • Civil issue – Walker Dr. Reference a civil issue between sisters regarding property. Handled via telephone.
  • Assault – GW Carver Cir. In reference to a physical altercation between two subjects. Due to conflicting stories no arrest was made. Report taken.
  • Vehicle Accident – Pine Park St.- Two vehicle accident. Complaint of injuries. All parties refused going to the hospital. While investigating the accident victim stated she had been assaulted and that is why she was leaving in a hurry and struck the other vehicle. She stated her boyfriend came over and brought another female. The female attacked victim leaving injuries to her face. A BOLO was given of her boyfriends’ vehicle and Social Circle PD was able to make a traffic stop on it. Driver and passenger were questioned in relations to the assault. The female who allegedy assaulted victim was identified. A follow up was conducted at Davis Street and she was taken into custody for battery.
  • Other Law – Heritage Ridge Dr.: In reference to pills in the roadway.
  • Other Law – Great Oaks Dr.; In reference to pills left at the door. Four packs of suspected vitamins (non-controlled) were located and destroyed.
  • EMS Assist – Pine Park St. in reference to subject off meds. Turned over to EMS.
  • Dispute – N. Broad St. in reference to subject was arguing with the employee because she had to pay taxes on loose cigarettes.
  • Counterfeit – W. Spring St. in reference a $20 counterfeit. Subject claimed he did not know that the $ 20 dollar was a counterfeit when he paid for his groceries.
  • Theft Report – Southside MHP: In reference to a cell phone loaned to a friend. Advised of civil process.
  • Dispute – Douglas St.: In reference to three people stopping in roadway arguing with subject and family members, subject left area in 2011 black Nissan Sentra driven by another subject. Gone on arrival.
  • Hit and Run – W. Spring St.: In reference to a gray Ford passenger vehicle collided into the victim and left the scene. The suspect was a young black female.

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