MPD Reports: Horse in the roadway; Slew of domestic disputes and mental health issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 7 – 14, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. The is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Vehicle – W. Fambrough in reference to unknown passenger car in driveway. Vehicle was owned by nephew at residence. Ongoing eviction process at this location. All ok.
  • Welfare Check – E. Highland & S. Broad. Subject had possibly fainted. This subject is flagged as a mental health patient, seemed ok and refused all transportation options. He left on foot towards residence.
  • Other law – W Marable St. In reference to complainant wanting to know if he would be in trouble over someone on the internet accusing him of hitting them. Advice given.
  • Demented Person – S Broad St; In reference to subject thinking someone was breaking into his residence. House was cleared, no burglary occurred.
  • Warrant Service – N Broad St; Deer Acres Inn. Named subject had a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested, fingerprinted at the MPD, then transported to Walton County Sheriff’s Office.
  • Threats – Maple Lane- In reference to the caller receiving a threatening text message from his ex- girlfriend’s son.
  • Traffic Stop – Atha St. Female subject was stopped for failure to maintain lane. Her license was suspended. She was placed under arrest and transported to the MPD. Subject was was fingerprinted and released on a copy of the citation.
  • Other Law – Piedmont Walton- Staff called due to a female under 10-13 order wanting to speak with law enforcement. The hospital staff was advised there was nothing we could do.
  • Dispute – W Fambrough St. In reference to subject possibly being drunk. Subject is being evicted from the residence, and his parents wanted his behavior from tonight to be documented
  • Mental Patient – Sorells St – In reference to subject wanting to go to the hospital for a mental evaluation. Turned over to EMS.
  • Dispute – Wheelhouse Ln; In reference to complainant wanting to kick his girlfriend out of their house. Complainant was advised of the eviction process.
  • Wanted Person – Hubbard St/ E Spring St. observed a male subject with parole warrants. He was apprehended additional charges for Marijuana and obstruction added. Use of Force completed.
  • Theft Report – Mayfield Drive – Complainant advised that a truck was stolen from business at approximately 0300 hours and was located in Butts County. Vehicle was entered into GCIC and Removed upon confirmation of contact with vehicle. Butts County case number added to report
  • Suspicious person – N. Broad/ HWY 78 in reference to female standing near traffic. Subject was transported to Tanglewood Dr. (10-96).
  • Dispute – Carwood Drive. Subject was having a mental episode on location. He was transported to Piedmont Walton after making suicidal threats to officers.
  • Horse in Roadway – S Madison @ Towler St: Horse put back up by owner. All was ok.

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