MPD Reports: Hospital sees child with injuries on multiple occasions; 12-year-old arrested for assaulting grandmother and more juvenile issues

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 1 – 8, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Person – W.Spring Street – Report of a named person being on scene. He was criminally trespassed from Walmart indefinitely.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Woodland Road- Complainant called due to a white Nissian Infiniti SUV sitting outside of her house for multiple days on end. Vehicle was gone when officers arrived. Report taken.
  • Dispute – S Broad St; – Two subject disputing about a speaker. Report taken. Situation mediated.
  • Theft – E Spring St; Popeyes. In reference to a female subject possibly losing her cell phone at Walmart on 06/04/23. Report taken.
  • Other Law – W Spring St; Piedmont Walton: In reference to ER staff advising a 6-year-old female has been to the hospital on multiple occasions due to injuries sustained from home. The mother was questioned and advised the grandmother accidentally shut the door on the child’s fingers. Report taken
  • Juvenile Complainant – S. Broad St. 12-year-old juvenile kicked grandmother and hit her in the face with a mop. Juvenile was taken into custody and transported to Rockdale RYDC.
  • Burglary Report – Ridge Rd. In reference to female subject stating things were moved around inside her house.
  • Juvenile Problem – E Marable St and N Mad Ave. In reference to a 10-year-old who ran away from home and was found. Report taken, DFACS referral completed.
  • Suspicious vehicle – N Broad St & Nowell St: In reference to the complainant advising a white SUV pulled out in front of him almost causing an accident. The area was checked but negative contact was made with the vehicle.
  • Suspicious person – W Spring St; Haven Inn: In reference to the complainant advising of a subject sleeping in the stairway. The subject was identified and who was advised to relocate to his room.
  • EMS Assist/ DOA – Victory Dr- 43-year-old male unresponsive and cold to touch. Turned over to Coroner. CID notified and responded to the scene.
  • Traffic Stop/Arrest – Highway 78 at Highway 11 – Male subject stopped for a traffic violation. During the course of the stop, it was discovered the front seat passenger had aggravated assault and cruelty to children warrants out of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. He was arrested and turned over to the Walton County Jail.
  • Threats – MPD- Complainant came to report threats made to her by a scammer that she met on an online dating site. Report taken.
  • Suicide threats – W. Spring St / N.Wayne St. – Reference a males subject, Turned over to Walton County EMS.
  • Other Law – Claywill Cir- Female subject requesting Officer Standby while she removes property from the residence. She advised of civil remedies.
  • Traffic Light – Hwy 138 and W Spring St- Light functioning normal.
  • Dispute – W.Spring St. – Waffle House staff requesting a male subject leave the property after him refusing to pay for services. He paid for his services and left after contacting Officers.
  • Theft – Ridge Road- Complainant called to report that her prescription medication was stolen off of her front porch by a roughly 10-12 year old juvenile. Area searched, juvenile was gone when officers arrived. Report taken.
  • Disturbing the Peace – Pine Park- Complaint of vehicles filling parking lot and screaming/ shouting. Area was checked and no disturbance was observed.
  • Damage to Property – North Broad Street; In reference to a sign in the parking lot of La Boheme Salon being damaged multiple times.
  • Loitering – W Spring St; Dollar Tree: In reference to the named subject from a previous call on location belligerent and intoxicated. He was asked to leave several times which he refused. He was placed under arrest for Loitering and Public Drunkenness.
  • Burglary – Wheelhouse Ln; In reference to neighbor hearing footsteps next door. Apt. B is not currently occupied, all doors and windows appeared secure.
  • Burglary report – Baron Dr; In reference to the front door being open when returning home, only thing missing was the cat. Home was cleared and the cat returned home while on scene.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – S Madison Ave; Felkar Pk. In reference to a male and female on location. Subjects were notified of park hours and left location.
  • Suspicious Persons – Lacy St – While on foot patrol on Lacy St. I observed two subjects on Lacy St. One of the subjects was yelling and ran at him like he was going to fight him, the other subject was trying to get away from him. Contact was made with both parties and one was arrested for public drunk, obstruction, and littering
  • Mental Call – Masters Dr In reference to a named male having a mental episode due to the loss of his father and who should have his father’s belongings. Civil remedies advised to his mother. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Ash Street – Civil dispute in reference to living arrangements. Remedies were advised.
  • Wanted Person – Newton County Jail – In reference to a male subject having a probation violation warrant out of Monroe Police Department.
  • Fraud – West Spring Street – In reference to a subject cashing a fraudulent check on April 18. Report taken.
  • Harassment Report – Blaine St in reference to a dispute between the complainant and the gas station clerk. Report taken per complainant’s request.
  • Lost Item – Blaine Street – In reference to the complainant losing her passport. The passport was last seen on April 14. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Person -Harris St and Baker St – Named subject observed walking in the roadway. It was discovered that he had active warrants for his arrest. He was transported to the Walton County Jail without incident.
  • Suicide Threat – Cook Place – In reference to a male subject requesting to be transported to the hospital. Turned over to EMS.

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