MPD Reports: Incidents of counterfeit money, fraud and scam calls; food stamps stolen; mental health problems

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 16 – 23, 2023. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the fourth part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Counterfeit – Zaxby’s -Cashier received a counterfeit $20.00 bill sometime this date from and unknown person. Occurred around 4:00pm no suspect information available. Report made, counterfeit $20 entered into evidence for destruction.
  • Damage to Property -Shane’s Ribshack – Suspect from a previous incident called in reference to striking a vehicle 2 hours prior. He was cited and released.
  • Juvenile Complaint – N Midland Ave; In reference to a woman wanting to know what remedies are available for her son who was having a mental episode of some sort and has been unruly. Civil remedies were advised.
  • Dispute – Maple Street in reference to a verbal dispute between a female and a male subject on location. She was gone when officers arrived. Remedies advised for civil issue.
  • Shoplifting – east Church Street; Chestnut cupboard. In reference to the store clerk stating a male inside the store with a blue hoodie stole a hookah. The male emptied his pockets for officers and no store items were located. Unfounded.
  • Traffic Stop – Hwy 138/Rowe Rd. Vehicle stopped for headlight violation. Subject had violated her felony probation during the traffic stop by not consenting to a search while knowingly under a fourth amendment waiver. Contact made with DCS confirming the violation, probation violation warrant pending by DCS Officer.
  • Transport – Piedmont Walton – Patient needed to be transported to Glen Iris. All ok.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78/Cherry Hill Road – In reference to a vehicle brake checking the complainant. Complainant lost contact at time of the call. Officer patrolled the area. Negative contact.
  • Unsecure Premise – Tyler Street – Door was left unlocked. All ok inside the church.
  • Fraud – Ash Ln- In reference to food stamps being missing off the complainant’s card. Georgia EBT stated they needed a report to replace the missing food stamps. Report taken.
  • Dispute – W. Marable;. Male and female in a verbal dispute, report completed.
  • Damage to Property -Home Depot. Complainant reported an unknown person struck her vehicle while she was at work.
  • Dispute – West Spring Street. Dispute between two subjects in the cooler of Burger King. No sufficient probable cause or victims for any charges. One involved subject was arrested on a Covington Warrant.
  • Mental Patient – Sycamore Court – Known female subject was having a mental episode. While Officer was on scene she advised she was ok and did not wish for any assistance.
  • Shoplifting – S. Broad; John’s. Report of same female from last date stole another $60 worth of meat. Suspect identified as a subject who has multiple warrants, report completed.
  • Dispute – South Madison Avenue – In reference to employees on location advised a named male subject needed to leave the location. He was sent on his way.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Hwy 78/Unisia – Caller reported a white Kia matching the description from an amber alert in the area. Officer patrolled the area and checked Flock with negative contact.
  • Other Law – Ridge Rd; E. Male subject reported his old caretaker not paying him back for loans that he took for her, civil remedies advised.
  • Emergency Message – Stokes St- In reference to Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office needing to find the family of a person involved in an accident. Negative contact with anyone at the residence.
  • Follow up – O’Reilly auto parts follow up on a subject that passed a fraudulent check that warrants were taken on. The subject that was there was not the female that passed the check.
  • Welfare Check – Mayfield & Plaza Dr. – In reference to someone laying in the grass. The area was checked with negative contact.
  • Threats – Spruce Ln. – In reference to a male subject making threats to shoot up the complainant’s house and family, he supposedly made these threats to the complainant’s 9-year-son. Contact was made with the subject who denied this occurred. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Plaza Dr; – In reference to the female subject in a dispute hitting the male in the face after he threw a coffee filter at her. Situation mediated.
  • Suspicious vehicle – Matthews Park- In reference to a vehicle in the park after hours, occupants were advised of park hours. All okay.
  • Shooting – Springer Lane – Two men reported being shot at by a male subject after one was involved in a dispute with the subject’s mother. Several shell casings were located in the area. No one was hit by gunshot during the incident and no property was found damaged. He was arrested for an outstanding warrant out of Jasper County and the mother was arrested for obstruction during the investigation. The scene was turned over to CID.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring St @ 76 Gas Station; In reference to a white male slumped down in a wheelchair on location. He refused medical treatment. His brother was notified and asked to pick him up.
  • Burglary in Progress – Michael Circle – Complainant advised that two juveniles entered the residence. Upon arrival it was determined to be a misunderstanding and the complainant’s son was at home and invited the juveniles over.
  • Theft Report – Boulevard. Animal Control reported a trap laid on 3/16/23 going missing on 3/17/23. Report completed.
  • Dispute – Norris Street; In reference to apparent dispute between male and female in a Silver Van.
  • Suspicious Person – North Broad St @ J&B Foodmart – In reference to a narcotic call. Report taken.
  • Demented Person – East Washington St. – Subject was gone upon Officer arrival.
  • Scam – Windsor Drive – Subject was concerned reference a phone call she received. She requested an investigation due to the caller having her personal info.
  • Damage To Property – MAHS – In reference to a teacher reporting her vehicle was keyed at either Planet Fitness or the high school sometime between 3/16-3/20.
  • Scam – Blackberry Court. Complainant reported receiving scam calls after buying a laptop from Best Buy. No actual money was taken from the complainant, remedies advised.

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