MPD Reports: Increase in suicide threats, loud music complaints and domestic disputes

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period March 26 to April 2, 2020. Due to the length, this report was split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Other law – W. Spring St., Peach State Credit Union. Ref to ATM card stuck in machine, handled by phone. 
  • Dispute – E. Spring St., LR Burger. Ref to subject verbally disputing with staff. Subject was barred from the property by owner.
  • Welfare Check – W. Marable St. Neighbors had a verbal argument 30 minutes prior to officers arrival. Parties mediated and advised of civil remedies.
  • Disturbing the peace – Davis St. and Ash Ln. Complainant advised vehicles and an unknown number of subjects were blocking the roadway. All vehicles and subjects were gone upon officer arrival.
  • Suicide Threat – E. Church St. – In reference to subject stating he wanted to harm himself. Subject requested to be taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation. Turned over to EMS.
  • Fight – Lacy St. Multiple subjects in the street. Nobody was willing to give information in reference to the fight. Subjects were advised to disperse per the new city ordinance.
  • Shots Fired – Meadow Walk Dr. Compliant advised they heard (12) gunshots in the area. Area checked, negative contact.
  • Domestic dispute – E. Church St. Complainant advised suspect (ex-boyfriend) punched a hole in her door window pane. Suspect was gone on arrival. No independent witnesses on scene. Report taken.
  • Escort – Walker Dr. Subject asked that officers stand by while she retrieved her vehicle from the residence. All ok
  • Loud Music – Carwood Dr. – In reference to a neighbor playing his music too loud. Homeowner was advised to turn it down.
  • Loud Music – Douglas St. Area checked, negative contact with loud music.
  • Suicide Threat – Plaza Trc. – In reference to subject calling Ridge View stating she was going to harm herself. Parties on location advised they did not call.
  • Missing Person – S. Broad St. Subject was missing from this location for over an hour before medical staff contacted 911. Subject later returned on his own, All ok.
  • Loud Music – Mary St. Subjects were advised to turn the music off.
  • Sexual Assault – Piedmont Walton- Staff called in reference to a female in room that had been sexually assaulted. Upon arrival the female advised that she did not wish to speak to Police and it was not determined where the incident took place.
  • Burglary in Progress – Perry St. Compliant advised an unknown subject was attempting to enter her residence through the back door. Compliant canceled upon officer arrival and advised it was her grandson coming home. All ok
  • Suicide Threat – Atha St. Adult female on location agreed to be transported to Piedmont Walton for evaluation. Female was making threats to harm herself and other family members at the residence.
  • Dispute – Susie’s Wings. Subject advised her ex-boyfriend stole her air pod headphones. Subject did not want to give officers her ex-boyfriends information. Civil remedies were advised.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Hwy 11 Golden Pantry – In reference to juveniles riding their bikes on the road. Area was checked with negative contact.
  • EMS Assist – Applewood Dr. In reference to a subject having a seizure. Turned over to EMS.
  • Fight – Young Pines Neighborhood. Complainant advised was seeing a fight on social media. Video footage was from a previous date. All OK.
  • EMS Assist – Colquitt St., Ref to subject requesting an ambulance for her sister. Subject was gone on arrival to the hospital.
  • 911 hang up – Breedlove Dr., Ridgeview Mental Hospital. Ref to juvenile pysch patient that was bored and called 911. Juvenile has extensive 10-96 history. All ok.
  • Agency assist – W. Spring St., Piedmont Walton. Social Circle PD had combative female
  • Suspicious Person – N. Wayne St., Kaity’s Diner. Black male was seen tugging on door handles and walking into an apartment building. Male gone upon officers’ arrival, area checked and male not found.

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