MPD Reports: Juvenile arguments, shoplifting and disputes over STDs

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Aug. 13 – 20, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the second part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Suspicious Person – Breedlove Shops. Subject is homeless and was on location, he did not have anywhere to go. All appeared ok. 

Hit and Run – on Breedlove Dr at W Spring St. Complainant refused to file report, due to no damage on their vehicle. 

Dispute – W Spring St. Piedmont Walton. In reference to mental patient being disruptive. Officers stood by while the staff administered medicine. All ok. 

Suspicious Person – Hwy 78 at E Marable St. In reference to white female, wearing peach shirt and black shorts. Negative contact, area checked. 

Dispute – Custom Way. In reference to a neighbor threatening to get violent. Per both parties ongoing verbal dispute only. Parties advised of remedies and to separate. Report taken. 

Suspicious Person – Moe’s. In reference to a subject sleeping at Moe’s inside the outdoor seating area with a grocery cart full of items. Subject was advised to leave. 

Agency Assist – Highland Ct. Reference Florida DFCS requesting to have confirmation that juvenile was on location. Contact made. AL ok 

Harassing Calls – Stokes St. Reference complainant receiving harassing texts from ex-boyfriend. remedies advised 

Suspicious Person – Walton Rd. reference to subject on location. Subject is a dementia patient who was confused about where she was. She was sent home. All ok 

Shoplifting – Walmart. Female subject arrested for theft by shoplifting. Released on copy of citation. 

Suspicious Person – Quality Foods Reference a black male in grey t-shirt and blue jeans stopping pedestrians and asking for money. Contact made with the subject. Further investigation led to his arrest due to active arrest warrants from Georgia Pardons and Parole. 

Shoplifting – Walmart. Reference to a couple on location shoplifting. 

Harassment – Johns Supermarket – Complainant stated that she was receiving harassing statement. She was advised of civil remedies. 

Suspicious Vehicle – S. Madison & E. Spring St. – Driver was driving slowly and made several u-turns. Pulled over and driver stated that she was looking for someone. 

Dispute – W. Marable St. reference to a subject having a verbal dispute with her child’s father. Male subject was gone when officers arrived. Female subject denied any physical violence. All ok 

Suspicious person – West Spring St., Moe’s. Ref to subject sleeping on the porch. He was given a courtesy ride to the Walmart in Athens at his request. 

Dispute – Elm Dr. in reference to spouse feuding, male subject was gone when officers arrived, warrants to be taken on male subject. Report was made, photos were taken. Remedies advised to the female. 

Other law – West Spring St., Murphy USA. Reference call directing employees to move cash around. A similar call was received in Winder before that store was robbed. Report taken. 

Entering Auto – Atha St. Subject advised his vehicle was left unlocked overnight and entered. Property was taken. 

Child custody – Reed Way. Subject reported his parents’ mother intentionally left the house to prevent him from seeing his child. Report taken. 

Juvenile complaint – Plaza Trace. A 10-year-old juvenile and a subject was involved in a physical dispute. It was determined that no crimes were committed and the 10-year-old left with his mother. 

Dispute – Turner St. Two females arguing over a male and STDs. Dispute – Tanglewood Dr. Situation mediated. 

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