MPD Reports: Juvenile disputes, throwing stones at car and woman wants son to be nicer to the grandchildren

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period April 29 to May 6, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Dispute – Store House Ct -Complainant stated her juvenile child was disputing with another juvenile. Parties separated and situation mediated. 

Dispute – McDonalds – Employees on location stated a female subject was refusing to leave the drive- thru line. Situation mediated. 

Suspicious Vehicle – Moe’s -Anonymous complainant stated a white truck and a black truck were driving in the area recklessly. Negative contact. 

Dispute – Morrow St a group of females in a vehicle outside of complainants’ residence being loud and refusing to leave. Females were gone when officers arrived, nothing further. 

Stabbing – GW Carver Cir – Man requested EMS after suffering several lacerations. CID 329, 332 contacted and responded. Investigation revealed Wade was not stabbed but fell and broke glass suffering several lacerations. He was treated at Walton Piedmont. 

Dispute – N Broad St Subject coming on location and taking bluetooth speaker. Report made. 

Suspicious Person – East Spring Street male subject staggering in the roadway. Subject was intoxicated and walking home. He was given a ride home. 

Illegal Parking – East Washington Street. In reference to a vehicle blocking the complainant in. Contact was made with vehicle owner, and vehicle was moved into an appropriate parking spot. 

Dispute – New Lacy Street. In reference to Two parties having a verbal dispute. Parties were separated. 

Damage to Property – Talls Oaks West. In reference to the trunk lock being tampered with sometime within the past two days. Report requested. 

Dispute – Lacy St: In reference to a verbal dispute between parties on location. One subject was gone and the other subject collected his belongings and freely left the residence. Report taken. 

Private Property Vehicle Collision – West Spring St (McDonald’s); In reference to a vehicle backing into another vehicle. Report made. 

Dispute – Towler St. In reference to the complainant wanting her son to be nicer to the grandchildren. Other party was gone prior to officer arrival. 

Agency Assist – Breedlove Dr. (Ridgeview): In reference to a mental patient being combative during transport. All okay. 

Threats – Nowell Street. In reference to a subject threatening to shoot up the area of Forrest Lane. Made contact with him at Forrest Lane. Subject was arrested and charged with Terroristic Threats and Acts. 

Dispute – Bryant Rd to a civil issue between roommates. Report made. 

Found Property – South Broad St. Complainant found a vehicle title out of Florida in his driveway. Document was placed into evidence for safekeeping as registered owner was unable to be contacted. 

Damage to Property – East Spring St. Complainants vehicle struck by juvenile throwing rocks. Complainant and juvenile’s parents exchanged information. 

Warrant Service – Deer Acres made contact with a subject who has a Violation of Probation warrant. He was on location, arrested, and taken to the Walton County Jail. 

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