MPD Reports: Juvenile fights, runaways; threats, fraud and ex-girlfriend harasses couple

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period Jan. 4 – 11, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Damage to Property – East Church @ Milledge Ave: While patrolling, a lane shift sign was found to have been struck and was lying on the ground. Public Works was notified.  
  • Power Lines – Pine Park @ Lacy St: While patrolling, a power pole was observed to have fallen onto  overhead wiring. The lot is currently vacant. Monroe Utilities was advised.  
  • Dispute – Perry St. – In reference to a dispute, unable to locate due to no apartment number given by the  complainant. Dispatch and 364 attempted multiple call backs with negative contact. Multiple doors  knocked on with negative contact.  
  • Juvenile Complaint – Pine Park in reference to an unruly juvenile that ran away from his residence but  came back after he left. The juvenile was charged and released back with his mother.  
  • Other Law – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview. In reference to a 10-13 patient calling 911 wanting to leave. All  okay. 
  • Other Law – Breedlove Dr; Ridgeview – In reference to a mental patient seeking to go to the hospital.  EMS arrived on scene and transported the patient without incident.  
  • Suspicious vehicle – Davis Street in reference to a UGA Ford F-150 parked in the parking lot for several  days. The truck was a stolen vehicle out of Athens. UGA Police took custody of the vehicle.
  • Dispute – Mobley Cir – In reference to two juvenile brothers fighting. Both subjects were gone when officers arrived – area checked  with negative contact.  
  • Traffic Stop – Truck Stop- Female subject stopped for window tint violation. She was taken  into custody for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, DRO, and possession of Schedule I. 
  • Other Law – Blaine St – In reference to a named subject inquiring about Fraud that has taken place at his  business. He wanted to know where to begin with the process and advised he had more documents and  paperwork to gather before officially filing his report.  
  • Entering Auto Report – Blaine St – In reference to a vehicle entered on 1/7. Report taken.  
  • Dispute/Juvenile Runaway – Spruce Lane – Two subjects were in a dispute over  a phone. One hit the other in the back of the head and then ran from the residence. The juvenile was listed  as a runaway juvenile, BOLO given to Walton County Sheriff’s Office. Juvenile was later located and returned to her parents.
  • Suspicious Person – McDaniel St; Tichenor House – In reference to a subject seen walking around parked  vehicles on location. Area was checked with negative contact and individuals on scene were escorted  safely to their vehicles. 
  • Threats – S Madison Ave – In reference to the complainant being threatened in Social Circle. They were advised to contact Social Circle PD. 
  • Suspicious Person – Hwy 78 and Hwy 11 – In reference to a male subject walking down a controlled access highway. He was transported off of the highway. All OK on location.  
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Fairway Dr; In reference to a white Nissan passenger car sitting in front of the  complainant’s residence. Driver identified as caretaker waiting to go to work at Fairway drive. Verbal warning issued for expired registration.  
  • Suspicious Person – W Spring St @ Breedlove Dr – In reference to two subjects panhandling. Both parties were asked to leave the location.  
  • Harassment – In reference to a female subject harassing a male subject and his new girlfriend. The female subject accused of the harassment was gone when officers arrived. All OK on location.  
  • Suicide Threats – Pine View Dr- In reference to a 3rd party caller stating that a named female subject was  planning on killing herself. Contact was made with the subject and everything was found to be okay.  
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Double Springs Church Rd @ MAHS; in reference to a vehicle doing a burnout and  the leaving the area. Negative contact.  
  • Disabled Vehicle – Charlotte Rowell @ Double Springs Rd Connector; In reference to white Ford  Expedition running off the road and being stuck. Taylor’s wrecker removed vehicle without incident.
  • Suspicious Person – Baker Street; Anonymous complainant called in reference to a named subject sitting  on a bench. Subject was okay, no crimes were being committed. 
  • Wanted Person – South Broad St/Dollar General – Officer’s located two subjects.  One was arrested for an outstanding warrant from Newton County. Additional charges for Trafficking  Methamphetamine to be taken. The second subject was arrested for an outstanding warrant. 
  • Entering Auto – Wheel House Ln; In reference to a KIA SUV broken into within the past 12 Hours, nothing  of value taken, report taken.  
  • EMS Assist – W Spring St; IHOP: In reference to a named subject requesting to be transported to the  Hospital. EMS advised that she was previously discharged from Piedmont Walton and was refusing  transport. Turned over to EMS. 
  • Juvenile Problem – Green St- Reference to several kids fighting after an argument on the bus. These kids  are ages 7-12 years old. Complainant no longer requested police assistance once she found out her son was involved in a mutual fight.  
  • Entering Auto – W Creek Cir. In reference to a vehicle broken into. Nothing of value taken, report taken.
  • Suspicious Persons – Ash Street / Harris Street – In reference to two male subject seen walking away  from the area of a recently entering auto one wearing a bookbag ( Call #5). Both subjects were identified. No action taken.  
  • Dispute call – Baron Dr; In reference to tow subjects disputing over issues for the  past 36 Hours. Remedies were advised to both parties, report taken. 
  • Narcotics – W Marable St: In reference to the complainant advising a named subject was on location  selling marijuana. The area was checked and negative contact was made.  
  • Fire assist – S Broad St; In reference to a female subject burning various items of clothing and other  items on the driveway. Turned over to the Fire Department.  
  • Suspicious Person) East Marable / Gatewood – In reference to a subject on a bike with a bookbag riding  through a residential area. Contact was made with the subject due to recent entering autos in the area,  he advised he was just traveling through on his way home from work. No signs of criminal activity entering auto.  
  • Suspicious Person/Arrest -Perry Street / Launius Ave – In reference to a male subject wearing all black operating a bike on the sidewalk with no lights equipped. Contact was made with the subject who  had an active warrant out of Walton County for Probation Violation. He was placed under arrest and  transported to the WCSO without incident,  
  • EMS Assist/DOA – Breedlove/Ridgeview – In reference to a 43-year-old who was unconscious  and not breathing. CID and coroner notified, report taken. 
  • Residential Alarm – 3rd St. complainant set off alarm and advised Alarm Company that she believes someone is in her residence. All Okay. 

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