MPD Reports: Juveniles arrested and stolen guns located after shots fired ; DUI calls; stolen vehicle located crashed and burning in Newton County

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period May 1 – 8, 2024. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Suspicious Activity – All Star – Officers observed a passenger car with no license plate displayed. Vehicle left the All Star parking lot and turned back into the All Star after seeing a marked patrol vehicle. Due to the driving actions and demeanor of the occupants contact was made. Front seat passenger advised he was in possession of marijuana. Front seat passenger was issued a citation for possession of marijuana, Vehicle was impounded due to no registration. Vehicle was stopped in March by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office for no tag. Contraband was secured into evidence at the Monroe Police Department.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring Street – In reference to a subject on location making the complainant feel uncomfortable. Subject was Criminally Trespassed from the store without incident.
  • Suspicious Person/Vehicle – W. Spring St. – In reference to a white Chevrolet 1500 with dirt bikes in the truck bed doing donuts in the parking lot of quality foods. Vehicle was gone when officers arrived. Officers searched the area with negative contact. The complainant did not want to meet.
  • Suspicious Person – West Spring Street in reference to subject was urinating in the park. Subject was located behind the library in his vehicle. Due to subject’s age, he was given a warning.
  • Suspicious Person – N Broad / Charlotte Rowell – Named subject of Tanglewood was warned two hours prior to not be out in the public while being so heavily intoxicated. Subject was found on the side of Hwy 11 near Charlotte Rowell urinating in public. He was arrested for Public Intoxication and taken to Walton County Jail.
  • Theft Report – E Spring St; Spring St Laundry – In reference to the manager reporting that a laundry cart was stolen from the business on 05/01/2024, at approximately 0029 hours. The complainant advised that she did not wish to press charges if the cart was returned. Contact was made with the offender who advised that she was bringing the cart back. Report taken.
  • Dispute – Tall Oaks E – In reference to a third party complaint of a dispute. Contact was made with the complainant who advised she was on location on behalf of her neighbor. She advised that two subjects had been in a dispute. The allegation were unfounded. All ok.
  • DUI/Traffic Stop – Hwy 78 at E. Spring St- Vehicle stopped for speeding. Field sobriety was conducted. The drive was taken into custody for DUI less safe, open container and speeding.
  • DUI/Traffic Stop – E Highland Ave at N Midland Ave. Male subject was stopped after failing to maintain lane along E Highland Ave. Due to Rhodes driving actions, odor of an alcoholic beverage, and blood shot watery eyes, Traffic unit supervisor arrived on scene. The subject was placed under arrest for DUI and failure to maintain lane by traffic unit.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – N Broad St / Pavilion Pkwy – Citizen called due to a white Jeep Renegade all over the roadway. MPD observed multiple violations while traveling along Broad through downtown. Georgia State Patrol responded to the scene and conducted SFST. The subject was placed under arrest and charged with DUI
  • Disturbing the Peace – Will Henry’s- Complainant advised of vehicles speeding and juveniles on skateboards. Contact was made with 1 person on a skateboard. No vehicles observed speeding in the area.
  • Loud Music – E Marable St- Residents advised to keep their music turned down.
  • Suspicious Person – W. Spring St. – subject has been at this location since 2100 hours last date. During contact subject stated he was just discharged from Piedmont Walton and needed a ride back to Walnut Grove. Courtesy ride was given. All clear.
  • Stolen Vehicle – Store House Court – complainant stated that a named subject from Covington, GA took her car keys from inside the home around 0400-0500 hours. Car was found wrecked and burning by Newton County Sheriff’s. Office at about 0500 this date. Warrant for Theft by Taking on the Gsubject are signed.
  • Animal Complaint – South Broad St in reference to a cat stuck in a pipe next to the trailer.
  • Traffic Stop/DUI – Birch St and E Marable, Subject was observed not wearing a seat belt. The Traffic Unit Supervisor was advised of the violation and conducted the traffic stop. He was placed under arrest for DUI.
  • Road Rage – W Spring St in reference to the complainant getting yelled at by someone in a Ford F-150. The complainant called 911 back and cancel the call because the person that yelled at him left the area.
  • Dispute – Hannah Ln. – in reference to a family that was in a verbal dispute.
  • Other Law – S. Broad St. – Subject got the Huddle House deposit stuck in the overnight deposit. The deposit bag was halfway in and halfway out of the location. I was able to get the bag unstuck and she was able to successfully deposit the money.
  • Dispute – N Broad St. – In reference to an employee who called in about another employee having a verbal argument with her boyfriend over the phone. All Okay on scene.
  • Dispute – W Marable Street Two complainants advised that two unknown subjects entered their apartment and began to fight with one of the complainant. Complainant did have visible marks on his body. Both subjects advised they did not know the subjects who came into the apartment. Report was taken and pictures were obtained.
  • Shots Fired/Firearms – S. Madison Ave.;Felker Park – In reference to a report of a fight that involved gunshots. During the investigation three juveniles were taken into custody and two stolen guns were located. Juveniles were transported to YDC.

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