MPD Reports: Juveniles throw rock on Hwy 78 breaking car side window

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 4 – 11, 2020. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the first part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

  • Drug Activity – King St. in reference to possible drug activity in the area. Anonymous caller. Information relayed to joint ops. 
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave Parking Lot In reference to a vehicle blocking in another vehicle. Upon arrival spoke with the people there. They explained that they were just their talking and that everything was ok.
  • Stalking – E. Church St. Complainant claimed her ex-boyfriend was stalking her by showing up to her residence and calling her.
  • Lost Phone – S. Broad St. The complainant advised she lost her husband’s cell phone and they track the phone to Pot Luck. The phone was recovered and given back to the complainant.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – Landers St. in reference to a recovered stolen vehicle. 2006 Black Ford Mustang. Towed by Taylor’s.
  • Dispute – Atha St and Victory St. In reference to a dispute, the area was checked with no contact.
  • Identity Theft – Baker St. in reference to complainant reporting her identity used by a friend while she lived in Maryland. A report done for documentation only.
  • Dispute – Etten Dr – In reference to complainant stating that her tenant would not move her vehicle when she asked. The vehicle was moved.
  • Fight – Alcovy Rd. in reference to several men fighting in the yard. A woman and three men were arrested and released on Disorderly Conduct
  • Meet Complainant – Etten Dr. – In reference to complainant stating that her tenant was slandering her on social media. Tenant stated that the complainant will not share toilet paper.
  • Dispute – Booth Dr. Verbal argument between two subjects. One claimed the other pulled a knife on him, but never threatened him with it. The other subject stated that the subject pulled a gun on him, threatened him with it, and then left tossing the gun somewhere on the other side of the old building on Booth Dr. Area searched with no contact with any firearm in the area. Both were heavily intoxicated. Due to a lack of corroboration, one was sent on his way and told to stay away from the other subject. Both were advised of the same.
  • Domestic Dispute – S. Broad; Three subjects were involved in a domestic dispute where one allegedly threatened another with a pair of scissors. Two of the subjects were gone when officers arrived. Insufficient probable cause to charge any involved subjects. The report was taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicle – McDonald’s -Officer observed a vehicle parked in the travel lane at the McDonalds’ parking lot blocking traffic. Contact made with driver who advised he was Door Dash driver picking up an order of food but the store closed early. He was advised to park his vehicle in a parking space.
  • Traffic Stop/DUI arrest – E. Church/Tall Oaks -Subject stopped for failure to maintain lane. The subject was arrested for driving under the influence.
  • Runaway – Sweetgum Dr. Father called to report son missing. Stated he may have left with a friend. The area was searched with negative contact. The son later returned home stating that he was helping his cousin whose car ran out of gas.
  • Theft – Store House Ct. The complainant reported someone tampered with her Social Security Disability card. The report was taken.
  • Abandoned Vehicle – at Plaza Trce & Plaza Ct. Silver Ford Explorer, tag FPY 2678, out of Texas was tagged on 6/1/2020. Towed by the next on the list, Jay’s.
  • Harassment – Spoke to a female re harassment over social media. Complainant lives in county jurisdiction. Will contact the Walton County Sheriff’s office and DA’s office.
  • Damage to Property – W. Spring St., Haven Inn. The subject occupied a room rented by another subject, who was not on location. Some persons scattered wax all over the wall. She was criminally trespassed from location.
  • Domestic – N. Broad St. in reference to a subject throwing a cPepsif Pepsi at his aunt. He was arrested and charged with Battery and taken to WCSO
  • Dispute – S. Broad St., MPD. The complainant reported a dispute that occurred last date with a roommate.
  • Civil Issue – W. Spring St., Huddle House. Complainant, sister, and brother-in-law are in a civil dispute over a will. Remedies were advised.
  • EMS assist – S. Broad St., Hardee’s. The male patient turned over to EMS
  • Assault Law – W. Spring St., Piedmont Walton. EMS requested units due to a fight in the ER and a male chasing a female in and out of rooms. On arrival at the hospital, security advised the male was gone on foot towards Walmart and the female was gone in a vehicle. The area searched with negative contact.
  • Dispute – Lanius Ave; Complainant reported a subject verbally harassing her. The subject was spoken to by officers. Both parties advised to stay away from each other,
  • Dispute – S. Madison Ave., – In reference to complainant reporting that her neighbor made verbal threats to her and her 12-year-9ld daughter. The neighbor was not home at the time of the report. The complainant was advised of remedies to help with the situation.
  • Damage to Property – US Hwy 78/Marable St. Bridge. Juvenile subjects walking in median threw a rock at a vehicle traveling eastbound on Hwy 78, breaking the passenger side window of the vehicle. The report was taken.
  • EMS Assist – W. Spring St; Walmart. In reference to a 70-year-old male yelling for help. The subject fell while getting into his car, turned over to EMS.

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