MPD Reports: Man calls 911 to report his wifi password was changed and his security cameras are faulty

The City of Monroe Police Departments reported the following incidents for the period Oct. 21 – 28, 2021. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the final part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute a conviction.

Threats – Blaine St- Monroe PD in reference to complainant wanting Law Enforcement to have a customer’s mom to stop contacting her. Contact was made with customers’ mom and she advised she will stop contacting Team Polk auto.

Assault Law – E Spring St: In reference to the complainant being assaulted by subject. Parties separated; situation mediated. Report made.

Dispute -Lacy St. In reference to a named subject attempting to gain entry in the residence to confront the complainant. He gained entry and brandished a gun. The complainant threatened him with a 2×4 and he left the scene. He was located and arrested at Tanglewood Dr.

Entering Auto -Wayne St PL behind old PD. Complainant’s caught a juvenile subject in their vehicle. The juvenile was arrested and released to parents per DJJ. Complaint form completed.

Unknown Law – East 5th St -Complainant called in reference to threatening texts from her ex-boyfriend. Remedies advised.

Domestic Dispute – S Broad St. Verbal dispute between husband and wife. The husband advised wife is on numerous medications and has been having mood swings. Situation was meditated and report taken.

Traffic Offense -North Broad St & Williams St. Traffic stop for inoperable tag light PC search for odor of marijuana. A male was arrested for schedule I, drug related objects, and tag light requirements.

Suspicious Person – Shops at Breedlove, Contact was made with a male subject sitting in his vehicle. Male advised he was homeless and was waiting for the VA to set him up with a place to stay. Male was informed to contact the FISH to inquire about getting a hotel room. Male is a veteran and lost his house after he and his wife separated. Room was provided for the subject. Cindy from FISH was contacted and a room at the Monroe Motor Inn was provided.

Dispute – Etten Drive: Verbal argument between the complainant and her son. Remedies advised. All was ok on scene.

Stolen Vehicle – Oak Street in reference to a stolen Honda Accord. After the investigation it was determined the vehicle was repo. Subject was placed under arrest for a Walton County Sheriff’s Office failure to appear warrant.

Suicide Threat – Walton Rd. 14-year-old male making threats to harm himself. Options were advised, mental evaluation process was explained to the mother. Juvenile agreed to go with his mother to speak with a doctor.

Mental Subject – Carwood Dr. – Complainant advised that he called due to his wi-fi password changing and his security cameras not working properly. He was advised these are not valid reasons to call 911 and to only call if he has a legitimate emergency.

Suspicious Person – Landers St. – In reference to a named subject being drunk and disorderly knocking over multiple trash cans in the area. He was located and subsequently arrested for City Ordinance Disorderly Conduct.

Suspicious Persons – N. Broad St. @ W. Marable St. – Three Subjects were stopped due to them appearing under the age of 18 walking down the sidewalk. Further investigation revealed two were juveniles and one was an adult. The adult was searched due to the odor of marijuana emanating from his person and him advising he had marijuana on him. During the search, several credit cards and jewelry were located in his pockets. These items were found to belong to individuals located on Walton Street. The items had been stolen out of their vehicle. The adult was subsequently arrested for Entering auto, Possession of Marijuana less than 1oz, and Loitering and Prowling. The juveniles had juvenile complaint forms completed on them for entering auto and loitering and prowling.

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