MPD Reports: Man calls two females a ‘Karen,’ juveniles threaten to shoot subjects in neighborhood, woman slaps grandmother

The City of Monroe Police Department reported the following incidents for the period June 9 – 16, 2022. Due to the length, this report has been split into five parts. This is the third part. Please note an arrest or charge does not constitute an arrest.

  • Suspicious Person – Wilkins Dr in reference to a a male subject calling two females a Karen. Females looking at property for sale and was on male’s property. All ok
  • Civil Issue – Cook Pl, civil issue over ex giving social security cards back to the complainant. Parties share children together and the complainant allows the father to claim the children on his tax return. Complainant was advised the issue at hand is civil and if she wished to get cards to go to the Social Security office.
  • Dispute – Ridge Dr In reference to a female subject being upset over neighbor leaving cat food in the breezeway of the apartment. She was gone when officers arrived. All ok.
  • Juvenile Problem – Gatewood Way. Report of juveniles throwing rocks in the complainant’s yard. All juveniles were gone when officers arrived. No property damage was observed.
  • Damage to Property – E Marable St- In reference to the complainant waking up and noticing the mailbox was damaged. Report taken.
  • Suspicious Vehicles – Mathews Park- In reference to two vehicles parked in park after hours. All subjects sent on their ways.
  • Dispute -Taco Bell- In reference to a female subject not exiting drive thru line because she did not receive a receipt of her refund. She was criminally trespassed from Taco Bell for two years and left without incident.
  • Theft Report – Knight St; Apt B -In reference to a young juvenile, possibly 6-7 years old, stealing a lime green bike from complainant.
  • Juvenile Runaway – Sorrells st- In reference to 17-year-old female running away from her mother at Deer Acres. Possibly headed towards Carver Middle School area. Report taken, and area checked for missing female.
  • Mental Patient – Wells Fargo ATM. Male subject on location having a schizophrenic break. Turned over to EMS for transport and evaluation.
  • Dispute – Elm Dr. in reference to a verbal dispute between cousins. All verbal parties separated.
  • Suspicious Person – Elm Dr. Subject sleeping on his front porch. Subject was woken up by his wife who took him inside, all ok
  • EMS Assist – Meadow View Dr. Complainant stated a male subject was found unconscious and unresponsive. Upon officer arrival the subject had no pulse. EMS called DOA and CID was notified. Turned over to CID.
  • Dispute – West Spring Street (Piedmont Walton). In reference to a mother wanting her 20-year-old child to be 10-13 due to a drug problem. The mother was gone on arrival. The staff stated they advised the mother they could not force the son to stay since there were no threats to harm himself or anyone.
  • Dispute – Stewart Court. In reference to the complainant wishing to report a dispute at Piedmont Walton last date with a security guard. Contact made with staff, and video viewed. Report taken.
  • Other Law – Sycamore Ct -In reference to a named female subject calling advising she was in danger. Unit made contact and the subject refused to speak.
  • Damage to Property – Launius Ave. The complainant advised he suspected his ex-girlfriend had busted the window on his 2000 Chevy Tahoe
  • Traffic Stop – WALMART, female subject arrested for possession of marijuana. Finger printed at the PD and released on citation.
  • Fraud – E Church St Chevron. Complainant called about the gas pump charging her twice. Upon arrival it was discovered the gas pump in fact did not charge her twice and there was no issue.
  • Dispute – Launius Ave in reference to a female subject back on location harassing residents. She was gone when officers arrived.
  • Domestic – E Church St in reference to a female subject slapping her grandmother in the face. She was arrest for simple battery FV.
  • Juvenile Complaint – Gatewood Way -In reference to two juveniles threatening to shoot subjects in neighborhood. Juveniles were taken back to their residence and parents were advised of parental responsibilities.

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